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Hammurabi\'s Code of Laws

King Hammurabi was the prescript of Babylon from 1792 to 1750 B.C.E. Believing that he was bestowed with the warrant over Babylon by the volition of Babylonian god, Marduk, Hammurabi saw it as his responsibility to protect the interests of his subjects by laying down a set of 282 laws that were believed to treat alone the different configurationes of people in Babylon under a analogous law of justness, that would unify and consolidate the entire empire by setting a benchmark for righteous values and comparability in classes. The law enactment is believed to have been presented to Hammurabi by the temperateness god and god of justice, Shamash, in whose name Hammurabi fulfilled the moral responsibility imposed on him as a divinely installed monarch  (Hunt et al), by creating a system that would guarantee justice being delivered righteously, irrelevant of class or stature in society. \nThe law formula is in itself an insight into the time and finishing of the Babylonian civilization in the way that it lends a lens into the elements of class structure, gender roles, fanaticism of thie very(preno mynah birdl) or conjury and importance of receipts and contracts in the Babylonian society. The purpose of this penning is to develop upon these key elements by drawing examples from the law enter itself and elaborate on how the code is an illustration of the Babylonian culture. The very first of the key elements that stands protrude in Hammurabis Law label is the class structure. The code segregates the Babylonian society into three main(prenominal) classes: the free persons, the commoners and the slaves. While the code boasts of providing justice to everyone equally and defend the weaker (or poorer) people against exploitation, the contrary seems to be true. For instance, the law If a drear has knocked place the tooth of a piece of music that is his equal, his tooth shall be knocked out. If he has knocked out the tooth of a plebeian, he shall represent one-third of a mina of silver. In the stated law, the patricians atomic number 18 the free people ...

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