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Should companies lease or buy computer equipment today What kinds of Assignment

Should companies lease or buy computer equipment today What kinds of questions should companies drive themselves when making a de - Assignment ExampleAs the need for accessibility and a wider geographical coverage has been inevitable, it is necessary that in that respect are means of enabling the department attain this requirement. Sales cars are the surpass ways of ensuring that the plaques dedicated gross salesmen or women are able to promptly and appropriately respond to individual customer needs. Since public means is a relatively cheaper but expensive for competition of the ecesis, there is a practice in the industry that has seen major organizations acquire their own go by for the purposes of overcoming the challenges of public transport. away from affording the salesmen and women the luxury of being flexible and comfortable while performing their duty to the organization, cars owned by the organization are also the best means of ensuring that coordination and monito ring is enhanced in the department. For instance, a good pop off should provide means of tracking locations of different customers across the identified geographical segments. In this way, mapping knocked out(p) the target market will be possible and hence easy scheduling and management of issues uniform delivery and rapid response. On the some other hand, the sales department and the organization is able to benefit from the fleet management capabilities provided and therefore hold each(prenominal) sales team accountable. A price cap of $20,000 for each unit has been established for this program. To enable the organization make the most appropriate purchase as per the requirements of the sales lag, several cars will be compared under specified criteria. The remainder of this document contains the following elements . The Criteria Used to appreciate the sales cars . railcar Evaluation . Final Recommendation The Criteria Used To Evaluate the Sales Cars The purpose of this sec tion is to state the requisite specifications that each car should meet as required by majority of sales staff. By identifying the requirements for the ideal car, it will be easy to guide the proposed purchase program to the most able and viable option in the list of the available car choices in the market. The criteria are Financial viability The outcome of doors Originality of the car Fuel economy Warranty period Additional benefits Financial viability The chosen car for the sales team must non exceed the sum of $20,000 in total costs of purchase. This implies that regardless of the other requirements that might be fulfilled by other cars, the cost of purchase according to the budget is not to be surpassed. The Number of Doors All the car units need to have four doors. Flexibility of the sales staff is very important in having access to their chosen means of transport. It is also obvious that the number of doors has a direct bearing on the seat capacity and even the storage spa ce in the car. Since the organization is looking to maximize on the available fleet due to limited resources, this criteria is therefore essential for the purposes of the mentioned physical object apart from other reasons. Boot space is also important for sales staff for delivery purposes. Originality of the Car The vehicles to be purchased must be American-made due to the clientele requirements. The country of manufacture is

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What is strategic human resource management and what is HR's role in Essay

What is strategic human mental imagery management and what is HRs role in strategic management planning process - Essay Example strategical HRM even includes the process of making strategy related choices and the knowledge of priorities of different strategies. In basic terms, strategical HRM revolves around the amalgamation of the strategy of both the company and the human resources so that HR strategies result in the attainment and implementation of the companys strategy.It is more commonly practiced that the human resources department plays a major role in the implementation of the strategic plan. On the other hand some arrangement do consider HRs role as an important one in the development of the strategic plan. While devising a strategic plan an nerve needs to perform an inseparable assessment in various areas of the disposal including the human resource aspect of the organization. The organization even performs an outside assessment in relation to human resource managem ent. While performing an external assessment an organization needs to focus on whether there are opportunities and threats related to human resources (Bernardin 116). For example an external synopsis may reveal that there is a threat to the organization because of shortage of laborers who can work on process of manufacturing denim clothes. The external assessment may even help in identifying opportunities such as an increase in number employees being laid off and these employees have the ability to handle denim manufacturing processes.After conducting the external assessment, the organization turns to conducting an internal assessment in the context of human resources. For example a denim manufacturing organization identifies that there is an increase in demand for denim. In relation to that opportunity the organization may conduct an internal assessment regarding whether the organization has the required human resources who are capable of manipulation denim manufacturing processe s such as sewing. If

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Aeronautical Science Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Aeronautical Science - Assignment ExampleThe changes in pressure causality a change in velocity (accelerations) resulting in motion if the balanced forces are maintained.In choosing a rivet, it should be made of the same materials as the object being fastened, have an equal length to the onerousness of the two objects, select non-corrosive ones, the diameter must fit the hole of installation, and have a countersunk head because of the hoist resistance concern (Dorf n.p).The modulus of compromisingity is the rate of change of strain as a function of stress. Specifically, this is the run of the straight-line portion of a stress-strain graph. Furthermore, it can be described as the mathematical description of an objects affinity to be distorted elastically when energy is applied to it (Fang 304). The application of force result in the formation of a stress-strain stoop (slope) called the Modulus of Elasticity.The plastic property of a material is the plastic alteration that occur s when there is adequate stress to deform a alloy permanently. Specifically, it involves the movement of dislocation that breaks limited number of atomic bonds (Fang 307). On the other hand, elastic property or deformation is a temporal change in the shape of a metal at a little stress that allows the material to self-reverse to its original

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Harley davidson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Harley davidson - Essay Examplethis mission by providing to the motorcyclists and the general public with vast line of motorcycles, accompanied with branded products and services through the selected grocery store segments.The first objective is attracting customers from the vast younger generation and women. The second objective is achieving a balance lively through empowering the brand and the rising of value. The next objective is engaging in the production of high-quality products and aim at reducing on the customer complaints. Fin solelyy, Harley Davidson aims at enhancing operational efficiency while putting focus on the Global Market through engaging towards raising the companys market shares.4. Be qualified to grow into a global enterprise and be able to maintain on the operation basing on a strategic international market with the purpose of supporting the companys worldwide star and distributor networks. There is need to see expansion on the Riders Edge as a measure of experiencing the dream of ridingThe company adopts an Open Door Policy in all of its areas of operations as a measure aimed at encouraging the employee involvement in the initiatives of transforming the company. The second indemnity is about Protecting Trademarks & Patents. The third policy is Empowering R&D in order to become a leader in the market and develop better products. The final policy is engaging in climate Change initiatives that are in light with the changing global science and policy.5. The company provides memorable experiences to its buyers as a measure of developing an intense brand loyalty 6. Engage in building a strong relationship with the suppliers as an initiative of getting quality products and cost reduction.There was an excessive niggardness on aging baby boomers and with some current efforts shifting to women and young generation. The strategy aims at change magnitude the number of sales by teaching this target population how to ride. Secondly, there is a need for providing didactics for rider

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To what extent would a social and environmental audit help Coca-Cola Essay

To what extent would a social and environmental audit service coca plant- cola to answer its critics - Essay ExampleAn independent study by Exeter University on the sludge released from Coca cola Company reveals that the sludge that Coca Cola has been dumping on the land has traces of chemicals that are non dependable for human consumption. That result invalidates any claim by Coca Cola that the waste material is not harmful to human beings. It exposes Coca Colas operations in India as unethical. In fact, Exeters research is also supported narrowly by study results from the local state laboratories who make water positively confirmed the sludge indeed has chemicals. These two findings put any claim of honesty by Coca Cola about the state of its operations in Indias Kerala state as unreliable. Coca Cola cannot be trusted to give an audit of itself without attempting to sweep its ethical filth below the carpet to distract possible repercussions. No man can be a judge in his own persona (Layzer, 2011).The reliability of claims by those who oppose Coca Colas activities can also be assessed finished the prism of facts, exaggeration and hidden interest in the matter. The study reveals that since the Coca Cola opened up in the region, locals have complained about the amount of water they can access. Since water is such a fatality in human lives, and since the complaints have been there since the company began its operations, claims about the drop in the volumes of water reckon justifiable. One can say that the villagers are honest to say that the setting up of the company has modify the volumes of waters in the region. That is because water is a commodity used daily in human heart and any event that affects its accessibility is easily noticed.The locals can also be justified in their claims that their livelihoods have been destroyed since the building of the plant in the region. It would appear that the huge amounts of water needed for sustainability of th e lives of locals has been grossly interfered with in the aftermath of

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The California Wine Cluster Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The California Wine Cluster - Assignment ExampleTechnology and innovation played a basic part in bridging the quality gap between European and California vintners (Porter 1998). Conventionally, European vintners had depended intensely on flavor (qualitative) and time-tried practices. Then later on, California winemakers started utilizing quantitative analysis to transform higher, more invariable quality of wines. Innovations rushed quickly right around the states vintners, particularly in Napa, where the majority of the wineries were found onside. Besides, U.C. Davis, maven of the world leading wine research institute, assisted explore some new technologies i.e. mechanical harvesting, filter out watering system, and field transplanting. All of this upgraded the quality of Californian wines. By the mid 70s, Californias amplitude wines gained inter kingdomal fame (Porter and Bond 2008).Question 3France experienced intense over production. The EU, under the Common uncouth Policy f or wine, had taken many steps to diminish wine yield in its member states thru an portray of subsidies. New vineyard planting of table wine word of mouths was precluded and re-planting of existing vineyards was permitted just each eighth year. roughly EU underpin headed off to subsidized bumming-up of lower quality vineyards, having permanently uprooted over 1.2 million kingdom from production. Moreover, compulsory and voluntary refining, which changed wine into liquor for human utilization or fuel, uprooted wine from the open business. The repel costs in France also exceeded much. All of these factors stagnated Frances production (Porter and Bond 2008). Question 4 A great part of Australian wine business success is generally accredited to substantial investment in innovations in viticulture engineering. Rare water assets empowered much of this movement. By the 1990s, Australia had established itself as a cost competitive manufacturer of high caliber wines, with 3,000 cultivato rs and 1,000 wineries. Australian government had also furnished subsidizes for exports advancement commonly used for wine tasting in target advertises. Australia had likewise secured Wine Bureaus in numerous nations incorporating the United Kingdom, The United States, and Germany to organize promotional exercises. This has led Australia to be emerged as a leading wine-exporting nation (Porter and Bond 2008). Question 5 Wine clusters of California faced different issues in the 90s and 00s decades. These include remarkable variations in the quality and quantity of each years grape harvest due to fluctuations in weather and space constraints for new vineyards in the North Coast which along with emerging demand for vineyards raised the average price of undeveloped land in the Central comprise of California. Many premium growers of wine grapes preferred closer spacing to boost grape quality which change magnitude the yields however, these high-density plantings posed threats of increa sed operating costs up due to increased costs for labor and materials. Then, the put up constraints for high quality grapes impelled premium wine producers to

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Discuss the history and evolution, justifications for, and ultimate Essay - 1

Discuss the history and evolution, justifications for, and ultimate impact(s) of Canadian content regulations in Canadian intercommunicate and television broadcasting from the industrys inception to the present - Essay ExampleAccording to Allen (2009, p. 55), this is particularly based on the belief that ensuring Canadian programs on both the radio and television programs is an important way of maintaining and building the terra firmas culture and identity as well as promoting Canadians creativity.The Canadian content regulator CRTC has gone(a) through a series of structural and functional changes beginning from the introduction of the regulations in the early 1920ss to the current state instrument for content regulation. To ensure that every element of Canadian Broadcasting transcription contributed towards the intromission of Canadian programming, the CRTC required that every broadcasting undertaking not only include certain Canadian services or content but also give them pri ority positioning(Armstrong, 2010, p.109). Since the dawn of broadcasting, the Canadian broadcasting policy has always been to adapt to new technologies while at the same time ensuring that the system includes both private and public broadcasting, promotes Canadian content, reflects Canadian values, makes use of the reactive resources of Canada and is controlled by Canadians. This paper critically discusses the history and evolution, justification as well as the ultimate potential impact of the Canadian mental object regulations in Canadian radio and television broadcasting from the inception of the industry to the present.The history of the Canadian substance regulations dates back to the 1920s when the need to have a Canadian presence on the radio gradually arose as a way to counter the growing American influence on the radio and nurse Canadian culture and identity (Armstrong, 2010). Although Canadian radio began licensing numerous commercial radio send in 1922, the Federal g overnment was increasingly concerned that many Canadian radio listeners were tuning to American stations while the

Digital Forensics in the Criminal Justice System Essay - 4

Digital Forensics in the Criminal Justice System - Essay ExampleThe make-up looks at the deed area with the discussion of the digital and non-digital items in Mr. Yourprops former Company work area. For the company to achieve its objectives, the work area items should support the working condition of the workers in the company.Before peeping for Mr. Yourprops former Company work area, the seeker should first get the authority to enter into the premises. The searcher should first seek the permission of the owner of the company. This allows the owner to have the full confidence of the person who is inquisitory the company. During the documentation of the authority, the researcher should ensure that he/she has created trust in the mind of the owner. He/she should show license of authentication and certificate for searching. He/she show a permit of search from a registered company by law or an authority letter from a government agency. Having all this is one of the means of get tru st from the company on search. The letter should be signed and stamped by a person in authority showing authentic measures (McNurlin, Sprague & Bui, 1989).On the side of the company being searched, the officials there or the chief operating officer should accept the request for being searched. The CEO should consider search after finding that the searcher is clear from a recognised office. He/she should sign the letter and keep a photocopy or a scanned copy of the letter.In the photo of Mr. Yourprops work area, there are three main digital items evidence. These are Desktop and Laptop, Digital Voice Recorder and USB flash disk. In the laptop and the desktop, the memory retentivity may hold a lot of information. The information could be ranging from financial information, human information, accounts, quality and stock(a) with other more information. This information help the search work of search. The Second item is the parting recorder. The voice recorder will help to get any voi ce recorded in a meeting or the office. Lastly, the USB flash disk also

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Instructional ducoment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Instructional ducoment - Assignment ExampleYour Internet service provider (ISP) or email administrator will provide you the configuration information which you must use to set up your email account in medical prognosis. Email accounts are contained in a profile. A profile consists of accounts, information files, and settings that specify where your email messages are saved. Your new profile is created automatically when you run Outlook for the first time.You foundation open an attachment from the Reading Pane, or from an open message and you may save it to a book drive. If a message has more than one attachment, you fag save multiple attachments as a meeting or one by one.Contacts can be added with simple information like name and email address, or with detailed information such as street address, multiple phone numbers, a picture, birthdays, etc relate to the contact.You can print individual items like e-mail messages, contacts, or calendar items, or larger views, such as c alendars, address books, or content lists of Mail folders. All printing settings and functions are found nether the Backstage view.The above guide endeavors to familiarize you with basic Outlook features to give you a head start. nonetheless Outlook is awash with several other advanced and multipurpose functionalities like creating reminders, calendar appointments and scheduling meetings with people, which you can explore and put to your use once you have gained ample hands-on experience on Outlook basic and core

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Mecbeth play design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mecbeth die hard design - Essay ExampleMacbeth has numerous characters each(prenominal) of who vivify specific roles that enhance the success of the play. The coordination of the characters contributed to the central message in the play. This relies on numerous features reveal among which is the characters costumes. Written in the late 1500s the costumes must help describe the play in the bad-tempered society. setting is vital in enhancing the message in the play since it validates the claims of the author. Specific themes are appropriate in particular settings. Among themes Shakespeare addresses in the play is witchcraft. The subject remains underexplored in the contemporary society in which scientific inventions run to make life easier. Placing the play in the proterozoic English society thus validates the theme since witchcraft and magic was rampant at the time.Costumes therefore play the integral role of placing the action in the play in specific society. The characters must dress specific costumes that portray the prevailing styles at the time. The costumes of the characters readily place the play to a specific time in recital a feature that validates the authors claims. The characters dress unique clothes that do not only portray their varied roles in the play but also uniformly place them in a specific period in the history of the country, a key feature that validates the plot of the play (Garber 41). The unique attire places the play in the early Scottish culture. Additionally, costumes helps identity the characters. Each of the numerous characters in the play dress differently and in consent to their roles. The first scene for example opens up with two witches meeting Macbeth. The costumes readily distinguish the witches from Macbeth and the trend continues in all the succeeding scenes in the play.Costumes also help set the various characters apart thereby

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Reasons for Seasons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reasons for Seasons - Essay ExampleThe misconception by many people has always been that differences in seasons go on about as a result of differences in the earths distance sexual congress to the temperateness. The thought is that at certain times the distance between the earth and sun is wide and sometimes the dickens bodies are closer to one another. This seems to make sense since the nearer the sun the warmer it gets and the far from the sun the icy it gets. The truth is that the earth revolves somewhat the sun in a circle that is almost blameless and hence there are no significance changes in terms of how far the earth is relative to the sun. Also North America experiences summer at the time when the South is experiencing overwinter.While spinning on the axis to yield days and nights, the earth also revolves in a circular theater of operations around the sun which takes 364 days or one year. The spin axis of the earth tilts with respect to the plane of its orbit and th is is responsible for seasons. When the axis of the earth is pointed directly towards the sun then that particular hemisphere experiences summer and winter comes about when the axis is pointed away from the sun. The hemisphere tilting in the suns armorial bearing gets warmer as sunlight will travel directly to the surface of the earth and less of it scatters to the atmosphere. The hemisphere tilting in the direction of the sun also receives time-consuming days as compared to nights hence during summer there are longer days than the winter days.All the other planets experience seasons but they markedly differ from what is traditionally seen on earth i.e., summer, spring, winter and fall. This is because the other planets have orbits which are more elliptical. Mercury for instance witnesses the most crotchety conditions it makes three rotations in every two years and the eccentricity of its orbits has odd effects. Mars is the planet with orbit eccentricity that is highest and has a greater axial tilt than earths hence great seasonal

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Proposal Identification Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Proposal Identification - Essay ExampleThe technique becomes effective for study and describing interactional patterns within social networks, work relationships, and in assessing peers solicited in taking drugs.The choice for sociometry is due to its rightness for effective study of the question. One element that the research is going to consider is exploring the question is behavior of the subjects. Already, it is of import to seek for consent of the participants and the counselors. So, it is not easy to apply other fleshs like ethnography and natural ceremonial occasion since the two can only be appropriate in representatives where consent is unnecessary. In fact, seeking for invitees consent while to applying ethnography or natural observation is enough to compromise the think of a research (Stone-Romeo, 2011).Case history, archival research, and content analysis are irrelevant and inapplicable to the design of the study. The research will majorly apply interviews and obs ervations to gather and record findings. This expression is to dispute any possibility of employing case history, content analysis, and archival research. From the analysis, sociometry becomes the automatic choice since it involves interaction with participants who have knowledge of the purpose of the research (Cillessen & Mayeux, 2004). As discussed by Bordens and Abbott (2014), sociometric study has to have participants evaluate one another along certain dimensions. Sociometry fulfills the purpose and aforethought(ip) design of the research that will have counselors and clients under treatment or treated from conduct disorders as the participants. As initially intended, counselors will help in evaluating the conducts of the clients studied to obtain understanding of the relationships in the outcomes surrounded by individual and family models of treating conduct disorders.While using the sociometric design of nonexperimental research, the researcher will consider using bedded an d random sampling techniques. Stratified sampling technique

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PERSPECTIVES ON EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOUR - Dissertation manakinBut is has got few limitation which is not suitable for the evolution process of a attractor. In many an(prenominal) wad researches through questionnaire salute the issues ar often unclear for many thus a right feedback is not received from them. Sometimes the responses are unfair for personal biasness towards the person. This type of responses goes against the evaluation process and the lead evaluation is not done correctly. In most cases in the evaluation process through questionnaire approach the response are given in general without proper individual evaluation. The answers are given in aggregation to item and no segmentation is done for the different skills and performances that an individual may possess world a leader. Comment on problems of determining causality (and determining the nature of the causality). In various survey research there are legitimate why questions that cannot be answered with t he cause. In several instances the causes of certain insane asylums are influenced by other factor where as certain innovations can also be an effect of certain causes (Rogers, 1995, p. 123). In the relation of events there is one dependent and one independent variable which lead to the innovation process. The independent variables in most cases are unclear which lead to the innovativeness. The leader behavior is dependent on the criterion variable and in some case the criterion variable is dependent on the leader behavior.

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Anova Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Anova - Assignment ExampleIt has been alleged that young members of the society, especially from both developed and developing countries do not have time to engage in eating healthy. Due to their tight schedules as students or young professionals, they tend to consume fast provender to save on time and to socialize.From this idea, the independent variable would be the respondents age. This can be explained by the concomitant that ones age should dictate on fast food consumptions. Similarly, the dependent variable will be the frequency of fast food consumption. After running the analysis, I expect to find out that there is a significant difference in the mean number of times respondents consume fast food at the different level of age, (F=4. 962, P=0. 000). Similarly, I expect that the Tukey post hoc test will show that young individuals probably less than 25 years old will have a significantly high mean number of times they eat fast food (Mean=10.66) when compared to older respo ndents over 30 years

Discussion question Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Discussion question - Research Paper Exampleistinguish the roles and legal power for nurses employed in the areas of informatics, education, advanced clinical practice, research, health policy, and administration. I used face-to-face interactions, contextual materials (audiovisual elements), and early(a) interactive methods to acquaint myself with and achieve the scarper competencies. These gave me a practical experience of some of the theoretical concepts cover in class and allowed me to marry theory and practice to create a sound foundation for achieving the competencies.I intend to grow further in the course competencies I achieved, and I have already created a plan to support this objective. First, I pull up stakes be more active in classroom sessions so that I assimilate as much information as I can. This will also inspection and repair me to nurture an innate understanding of the coursework (McCoy & Anema, 2012). Secondly, I will participate in more practical activities in cluding internships that will equip me with the practical skills required to grow further in the areas of competence. Finally, I will participate in more group activities like discussions and assigned group work to sharpen my theoretical comprehension of the course

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Girlhood in19th Century American Art Research Paper - 1

Girlhood in19th Century American Art - Research account Exampleal backgrounds, ages, and other demographic variables who illustrate different features and aspects of girlhood that condenses the aspect of beauty in the context of the nineteenth century America. Beauty, culture, and history are presented in multiple dimensions that effectively portray the subtle aesthetics and meanings as understood within the specific context.A huge travelling let onion, Angels and Tomboys Girlhood in 19th century American art includes eighty prints, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and texts depicting the concepts of 19th century girlhood. The exhibitions interprets the countless slipway that artists at this time delineated, artistically, the perception of people of how girls were and ought to be and how the artist aided in the modeling the well-disposed and artistic perception of being a female at that time. It also intended to show what adults hoped for the future(a) of their daughters and what they feared most.Indeed, it includes the works of an era when females were just beginning to appear in art, featuring the works of Winslow Homer, Thomas Wakins, William Merritt Chase, Cecilia Beaux and much more. The artistic production portrays economic and social class and race. It is apparent how the civil war affects the artwork which is shown later in the exhibition. It expresses how perceptions of women were ever-changing along with the education and work conditions. Throughout the 19th century, when thinking about a young muliebrity or girl, the first thoughts would be angelic, sweet, innocent and domestic. This exhibition at The Newark Museum had a different take on this issue. It displays significantly different views than the norm just previously describes of girlhood.The first text you would see entering the exhibit is a quote from Jamess novella Daisy Miller (1878), where Daisy is portrayed as an inscrutable combine of audacity and innocence. This is evident in the name of the exhibit. It is evident how much our perceptions have changed

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Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Essay Example for Free

Corporate Responsibility and marting Strategies Es translate apple corporation bases its success on creating innovative, superior quality products and services and on demonstrating legality in every business int successionction. According to orc wakeless apple tree, four main principles contribute to integrity honesty, respect, confidentiality, and compliance. To more soundly detail these principles, Apple has drafted a grave of business conduct that applies to all its operations, including operations overseas. Apple spoil socially responsible investors. Apple has come under fire since around 2006 as details emerged contact the workplace environment at Apples Chinese providers. An article in The New York propagation publicized off worker conditions, which included grueling 24-hour shifts, overcrowded dorms, exposure to toxic chemicals, and horrific explosions. Foxconn Technology Group operates numerous of the plants in question in Chengdu, china. When it comes to cust omers, Apple is said to be a bold innovator that leads the industry into sunrise(prenominal) directions and forces differents to follow.However, when it comes to the management of its supply chain and treatment of workers in the Chinese factories that make its products, Apple hides behind the constraints of wonted industry practices. What is even more disconcerting is the fact that these practices are in violation of non still local and national laws, but also of Apples own voluntary self-imposed code of conduct. Most of Apples worker-related problems were rivet on Apples manufacturing partner Foxconn and its subsidiaries. Apples China operations first caught international attention in June 2006 with a immense story in Britains Mail on Sunday.1 This was followed by a series of similar stories in new(prenominal) leading international news media, and has continued to this day.2 Because of Foxconns secrecy, it is well-nigh impossible to develop an accurate assessment of the pro blems in the factories owned and operated by Foxconn and its various subsidiaries. However, a brief description of extreme conditions prevailing in these factories and wide reported in themedia gave the readers some indication of the enormity of the problems that likely to existed in those plants.Apple has audited many of its suppliers and order violations of its Supplier statute of Conduct, but requesting its suppliers improve working conditions is not as powerful as changing suppliers to ones with more humane conditions. Part of the problem is that Apple has no legal liability for what happens in Chinese factories owned by separate manufacturers. Environmental organization Greenpeace had frequently campaigned against Apple, requesting elimination of non-recyclable hardware components, the removal of toxins from iPhone hardware, and a comprehensive take-back plan to prevent Apple products from ending up as waste. Greenpeace also began a stand in 2003 against Apples use of toxic PVC plastics and brominated flame retardants, or BFRs, in Apples products. Apple eliminated these chemicals in 2008, becoming the first laptop maker to do so (Corporate Responsibility Spotlight Apple, kinsfolk 14, 2012.) Workers assembling iPhones, iPads and other devices frequently labor in harsh conditions, according to employees inside Chinas plants, worker advocates and documents published by companies themselves.Problems are as varied as onerous work environments and dear sometimes deadly safety problems. Under-age workers return helped build Apples products, and the companys suppliers have improperly disposed of angry waste and falsified records, according to company reports and advocacy groups that, within China, are often considered reliable, independent monitors. The suppliers demonstrated disregard for workers health. In 2010, 137 workers at an Apple supplier in eastern China were injured after the workers were said to have been ordered to use a poisonous chemical to foot iPhone screens. In 2009 two explosions at iPad factories, including in Chengdu, killed four people and injured 77. Before those blasts, Apple had been alerted to hazardous conditions inside the Chengdu plant, according to a Chinese group that published that warning (Duhigg, Charles and Barboza, David. In China, Human cost Are Built Into an iPad, (The NewYork Times) January 25, 2010.) The publications outlining the ethics and social duty violations of Apple caused more consumers to actually start to call into question where and how Apple products are manufactured. Consumers have condenseed on Apples remarkable products rather than how they are produced.The New York Times story on iPad working conditions, for example, generated 1,770 reader comments. Many, if not most, blasted Appleor the overall constitution of cheap labor. And an online petition prompted by the This American Life piece that called for Apple to protect Chinese workers had garnered about 166,000 signature sand counting. I determined that Apples customers would be willing to pay more for its products if Apple had to make up selling prices in order to provide better wages and benefits for suppliers workers. Apple seems to make people crazy, describe as a cult because it has such a vociferous following. The Secrecy Strategy (Moltz, John., Why Apple Drives People Crazy. Macworld. Feb2013, Vol. 30 Issue 2, p100-100. 1p). Stock-market and financial analysts are known to always have had a hard time understanding Apple because Apple does not sell commodity products or chase market share at the cost of everything else. Its modus operandi is Enter a market, stake out the high end, and scoop up all the profit. As copycats such as Samsung flood the low end, Apple continued to hold the high end by evolving and differentiating products, while looking for new markets.One key approach used is to never telegraph punches that way, no would know which market would be remade next. Hence Apples famous v eil of secrecy, which further frustrate analysts. The bottom line was that the appeal of Apples products and its business strategies were said to be inscrutable, which made the company a inkblot test test. People saw what they wanted to see, and the idea that Apples fortunes are plummeting is more appealing to many than the idea that it cogency continue to ride high. The appeal of Apples products and its business strategies are believed to be both inscrutable. Apple joined the FLA in 2012 following intense public attention over allegations of widespread problems at Foxconn, Chinas largest cloistered employer. The FLA said both Apple and Foxconn have agreed to ongoing assessments by FLA in order to check off that labor practices meet FLA standards and remain in compliance for the long term.Current and former Apple executives, moreover, say the company had made significant strides in improving factories in recent years. Apple has a supplier code of conduct that details standards o n labor issues, safety protections and other topics. The company has mounted a vigorous auditing campaign, and when abuses are discovered, Apple says, corrections are demanded. And Apples annual supplier responsibility reports, in many cases, are the first to report abuses. This month, for the first time, the company released a list identifying many of its suppliers. Apple has continued to be aggressive incalling out suppliers who dont meet up to its code of conduct. In January, Apple said it had fired Pingzhou Electronics after it was found to be hiring underage workers. Apples Supplier Code of Conduct sets the minimum age for workers at 15. (Apples Labor Practices In China Scrutinized After Foxconn, Pegatron Reviews. Forbes.com. 12/12/2013, p2-2. 1p. 1 Chart).What made Steve different from other vendors, is that he understood that his job as a marketer was not to focus on making money or sales, and, unlike other marketers, Steves marketing skills was seem in the way he presente d his products Here are some of the quotes that reflect Steves focus in business If it could fulfil a persons life, could you find a way to save ten seconds off the boot time? Youve got to start with the customer experience and work back towardnot the other way around. Being the richest man in the cemetery doesnt matter to me. Going to write out at night saying that they had done something wonderful is what mattered to Steve. Steve made the marketing process simple if he gave people what they want, educated them on why they needed it, showed them how it will improve their lives, and why no other competitors products could compete with the convenience and ease of use of yours, customers would be willing to spend.ReferencesApples Labor Practices In China scrutinized after Foxconn, pegatron reviews. Forbes.com. 12/12/2013, p2-2. 1p. 1 Chart. Apples Marketing Strategy rat On Value, Not Price. Retrieved from http//www.chrisnosal.com/apples-marketing-strategy-sell-products-on-value-no t-price/ (Duhigg, Charles and Barboza, David.( January 25, 2010). In China, human costs are built into an iPad, (The NewYork Times). Frauenheim, Ed. February 6, 2012. Bad Apple Could the era of exploitation outsourcing be near its end? Retrieved from http//www.workforce.com/blogs/2-work-in-progress/post/bad-apple-could-the-era-of-exploitation-outsourcing-be-near-its-end) Kannel, Charlie, The Motley Fool (September 14, 2012) Corporate responsibility patch Apple. (Daily Finance). Ira Kalb, Marshall School of Business, USC . (September 13, 2013) Apples Cheap iPhone might not be that affordable, but it does protect the trademark (Business Insider). Retrieved from

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African Americans and Politics Essay Example for Free

Afri advise Americans and Politics EssayFor decades African Americans sop up faced struggles by means ofout history. Most nonably, African Americans were involved in sla re eithery, suffrage, and the civil rights move workforcet. These struggles were very visible and everyone was aw atomic number 18 of what was going on. However, forthwith African Americans be involved in a struggle that it not visible and recognizable. This is a struggle that is used to profit on wealth and prevent African American families and individuals from living averageal lives.They are involved in environwork forcetal racism. Environmental racism refers to intentional or unintentional racial discrimination in the enforcement of environmental rules and regulations, the intentional or unintentional targeting of minority communities for the siting of polluting industries, or the exclusion of minority groups from public and private boards, commissions, and regulatory bodies. 1 This form of racism has b een plaguing African American communities for years and most people have not interpreted notice.There are numerous form of environmental racism however, this paper get out specific onlyy overlay redlining, blockbusting, racial profile, and housing segregation and how each has force the African American community. Redlining is the act of refusing or increase the cost of services such as loans, insurance, banking, and access to health gondolae to citizens primed upon race. The practice involves taking a map and drawing a red line through neighborhoods where banks would not invest money. Redlining was used to discriminate African Americans in the housing, workforce, and school market.Parents had to find work in other areas of the city be aim there were not any resources available in the community. Because of redlining, schools became over crowded with 50 students crammed into one classroom. With the schools overcrowded, teachers were not able to raise special attention to the ne edy students and other students became uncontrollable. Cathy Cohen would wall that African Americans were being marginalized in the school system.To be considered marginalized means, to have continuously been denied access to ascendent resources, barred from full partingicipation in dominant institutions, and specify as others, living outside the norm and values agreed upon by society (Cohen 1999). African American students were all forced to go to one school in the community to keep them out of the ovalbumin schools. Along with marginalization, Blacks were, and still are, a part of a mogul struggle. Blacks were seen, and will always be seen, as an inferior race. Also, Blacks have been disempowered knowingly and unknowingly. African-Americans have been get ton advantage of and used to make other races go through superior.Blockbusting was a practice used by real demesne agents and developers in the coupled States to encourage dust coat property stimulateers to sell their homes by giving the impression that minority groups (such as African Americans) were moving into their antecedently racially segregated neighborhood. 2 When African Americans began to move into the inner city, fear arose that they were an economic threat. Blockbusting was to a fault the cause of many White Americans moving into the suburbs. The practice of blockbusting involved an African American purchasing a home for very cheap in a predominately White neighborhood.The real acres broker would contact the White residents and fracture to buy their houses for quick cash and resell the house to an African American family for much higher. Real nation agents claimed that African Americans moving into a predominately White neighborhood would cause property values to go flock and urged White homeowners to sell as soon as possible. Real res publica agents indicated that the property values would go down because African Americans would not keep up their property, avoid lawn care, and i f would affect the entire neighborhood.This practice has caused study shifts in urban neighborhoods, especially Chicago, in late decades. The Blockbusting methods were profitable and became common across the nation. For example, by 1962, when blockbusting had been in practice for fifteen years, Chicago had over 100 operators and the city had been changing an average of two to leash blocks a week for several years. Blockbusting is the reason why cities such as Chicago are now predominately African American and the surrounding suburbs are predominately White. Blockbusting caused African Americans to be marginalized as well.They were denied fair participation in the housing market. Real estate agents inflated housing prices for African Americans to gain commission. White homeowners already had prejudices somewhat African Americans and the real estate agents only made the situation worse. The stereotypes that Black families do not take care of their property was the main reason Whit e homeowners sold their homes. Racial profiling is the inclusion of racial or ethnic characteristics in determining whether a person is considered likely to commit a grouchy type of crime or an illegal act or to behave in a inevitable manner.3 The practice of racial profiling is a huge problem in the United States. African Americans are usually the targeted victims in the act of racial profiling. It is trustd that an African American driver will be much likely stopped than a White driver. Some police officers share the belief that Black drivers will most likely possess an illegal substance of committing an illegal act. However, policemen argue that they do not base their arrests on race but are greatening their probability of a successful search. Some policemen also argue that the probability of catching a Black offender is greater than catching a White offender.Whether the contestation is true or not, it places a bias on African Americans and White Americans. The belief that A frican Americans men are to a greater extent likely to commit crimes is unfair and not true. One cannot base the behavior of all African American men on the ones that have done wrong and been imprisoned. Another belief of racial profiling is it is the cause of the racial disparities in the American prison system. There are many more African American men in the jail system than there are White men. The earlier statement is mostly likely to be true.Because some policemen hold biases and have prejudices against African Americans, it will cause more African Americans to be placed in the jail system. Another instance of racial profiling involved African Americans owning nice material possessions such as a car or a house and African Americans being in a predominately White neighborhood. For example, in an result of Family Matters, Eddie was in his car travelling through a predominately White neighborhood and was pulled over by the police for failure to signal. However, the human actio n traffic stop gaminged into nothing more than a beating for young Eddie.The significance of the episode shows that racial profiling does exist in the United States and it takes place every day. The practice has impacted African Americans because hundreds of innocent people have been harassed and humiliated by police officers simply because of their race. The most recent national example of environmental racism occurred when Hurricane Katrina struck New siege of Orleans in 2005. When New Orleans was flooded with tons of water, there were no relief efforts for days and almost a week. Many believed this was cod to the fact that majority of the New Orleans population was African American.The population was basically ignored for days until the help decided to come. Citizens of New Orleans were faced with intentional racism and were denied help for several days. This has impacted African Americans because many people died because of the heat, starvation, and disease from the water. Af rican-Americans have been marginalized for centuries. To be considered marginalized means, to have continuously been denied access to dominant resources, barred from full participation in dominant institutions, and defined as others, living outside the norm and values agreed upon by society (Cohen 1999).Most recently, African-Americans were marginalized in regards to the outbreak of human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS. While HIV/AIDS was once considered to be the disease of white gay men, Blacks are now the sum of the epidemic. With the turn of the new millennium, the outbreak of AIDS in the Black community has soared. Black men who consider themselves to be down low are the center of the rising epidemic. The men have intercourse with other men while continuing to have intercourse with their female partners thus spreading the AIDS virus.Even though the soaring rate is shocking, there has been limited response from the African-American community. One can argue that Blacks have been m arginalized from the resources to treat the epidemic. However, the Black community seems to be ignoring the spreading AIDS virus and focusing more on electing a Black electric chair and high blood pressure. While both electing a Black president and lowering high blood pressure are important issues, similar emphasis should be regorge on the rising AIDS epidemic.In a sense, African-Americans have marginalized themselves from dealing with AIDS. Continuing to turn a cold shoulder to the issue will not fix the problem. Although Blacks are being marginalized when it comes to AIDS, they are also marginalized when it comes to property and social relationships. For example, when it comes to receiving bank loans, African-Americans is marginalized heavily. Some bank loan officers practice redlining which causes Black residents, whether qualified or not, to be denied loans for property.By using the redlining technique, bank loan officers are marginalizing Blacks from being able to own their o wn property. Relating back to the AIDS epidemic, Black men were marginalized for having the virus. For instance, if a Black man was open about his queerness would be marginalized heavily. Homophobia could be a valid reason for the marginalization of Black men. With open homosexuality, an African-American could be left out from participating in activities and denied being recognized as a normal individual.Homophobia could defame an individuals social life and leave him feeling disempowered. 4 Along with marginalization, Blacks were, and still are, a part of a power struggle. Blacks were seen, and will always be seen, as lower than Whites. Also, Blacks have been disempowered knowingly and unknowingly, which is the center of environmental racism. African-Americans have been taken advantage of and used to gain wealth and keep at the derriere of the ladder. In short, there are many types of power struggles. One does not have to see power to know that it is taking place.5 For instance, being called an inferior race is a power struggle within itself. African-Americans that believe that they are actually inferior will begin to act that way. They will begin to doubt themselves and their abilities in life. Once they have it in their mindset that they are inferior, it will cause them to act that way. Housing requisition is the practice of denying African American or other minority groups equal access to housing through the process of misinformation, denial of realty and financing services, and racial steering.6 The act of housing discrimination involves real estate agents and landlords not providing African American families with an accurate account of available housing. Housing segregation happens when landlords and real estate agents lure White Americans to available housing only in white communities, and African Americans to Black or diverse and mixed communities. The realtor and landlord usually work together in the process and will agree not to tell the African Americans about the available units in the European American communities.This process goes back to the hypothesis that African Americans residents will bring down the property value of homes in the neighborhood because they will not take care of their own property. Housing segregation is intentional racism that excludes African Americans from participating passably in the housing market. Black families should be able to live wherever they please without regardless of the demographics of the neighborhood. With all that African Americans have been through, environmental racism should not be ignored or taken lightly. deal should take heed to the practice and fight for what is right. All of the above forms of environmental racism have plagued the African American community. It has caused a major shift in the urban cities such as Chicago. Real estate agents have inflated the costs of housing for Black families moving into predominantly White areas. African American families can fight t he issues by becoming more aware of their surroundings and becoming familiar with the practices. They can hire good lawyers to defend them and fight for justice.With regards to the AIDS epidemic, African Americans have been marginalized when it comes to resources and thus leads to environmental racism. African American of the new generation, as a whole, should stand together and fight the justice that was promised to them in the United States Constitution. 1 Dictionary. com 2 Dictionary. com 3 Dictionary. com 4 Cathy J. Cohen, The Boundaries of Blackness (The University of Chicago Press) 47-48. 5 John Gaventa, Power and Powerlessness (The University of Illinois Press) 1-32. 6 Dictionary. com.

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Autobiographical Film vs Autobiographical Prose Essay Example for Free

Autobiographical Film vs Autobiographical Prose EssayAutobiographical blast, like prose, is filled with the memories of the major events in ones career. In prose, authors give detailed descriptions of their past, while in take in directors are able to employ visuals and the enjoyment of song and voice-over to illustrate someone elses life or his or her own. Autobiographies are supposed to picture ones life truthfully and accurately however, most contain stretched truths and over-dramatized events or emotions. In the film medium there is more(prenominal) opportunity for fiction than in prose. Jonathan Caouettes Tarnation and Agnes Vardas The Beaches of Agnes are two differing documentaries that explore this fancy. Throughout these two documentaries the directors make intent of visuals and sound effects to elicit an emotional reaction from the viewers. The use of these effects allows the audition to better commiserate how the director remembers a certain event and how it affects them. One of the frequently used elements in documentaries is re-enactment. While this open fire be helpful in portraying an event, if you dont have real footage it allows for over dramatization and interpretation from the promoter playing the role.The promoter can listen to how the director wants it to be however they could never fully portray the event truthfully because they were not present for the actual event. This allows for major discrepancies in the retelling of ones past. In a analyse of Tarnation Michael Bronski discusses how the extent of horrific psychic and medical destruction here is overwhelming (if not based on fact, Tarnation would play like a second rate John Waters film). The reality of the film reminds audiences of the diplomacy of life and how quickly things can change.Bronski goes on to discuss how the facts of Tarnation really give the film power, emphasizing the idea that truth can evoke that as powerful a reaction as a manipulated re-enactment . Using re-enactments in autobiographical film can force the audience to wonder slightly the effect aim of truth in a motion picture. Has the scene been manipulated because it was more entertaining than the actual event or did the actor allow his or her own interpretation of the event to seep through with(predicate) and create an entirely naked scene? Caouette filmed the majority of his life therefore, the use of re-enactment was unnecessary.This almost constant day to day shoot really helped to capture the essence of Jonathans life and how he viewed everything that was happening. Though Caouette filmed almost every day, the film wasnt presented in raw form. Tarnation was edited down and pieced together. Throughout the film there were moments where editing was more evident than others. Specifically the scene where Jonathan is on the phone with someone from the hospital. He is checking on his mothers condition after a Lithium overdose.In between the scenes of that phone conve rsation there is a clip of him vomiting. The audience after learns that this is because he is severely ill as a result of the stress. When this scene is shown, the sounds of him vomiting are run across but visually it looks as though he is simply coughing into the toilet. This leads the viewer to believe that possibly this was placed there for dramatic effect. Another example would be the substance the entire first scene is presented. It is clear the phone conversation has been cut and spliced.One scene is of Jonathan completely crumbling emotionally from the news of his mothers health, it lasts exactly for a second and then in the following scene hes completely collected and calm. It is evident that it is macrocosm presented to evoke a specific reaction from the audience rather then presenting it truthfully as it really happened. Fiction can also find its way into autobiographic film in that population bear differently when in front of a camera. They might see it necessary to put on a show rather than be themselves because of their discomfort with being documented.In many scenes when Jonathan is filming Renee she becomes very frantic and begins to behave in a way that makes her look as if she is acting for the camera instead of just being herself. Another example of altered behavior because of the presence of the camera would be when Jonathan confronts his grandfather Adolph about his decision for Renee to undergo shock therapy. Adolph becomes very defensive and begins to c drop away himself off because of the camera.He says to Jonathan Take that away, take that away, I dont want to be photographed by him. People begin to worry more about the way they come across once they realize that they are being closely watched and documented. In Agnes Vardas The Beaches of Agnes, Varda uses quite a few re-enactments to illustrate scenes from her childhood. Haden Guest discusses Beaches in Emotion Picture. She focuses mostly on her style as she recreated the me morable moments of her past. Guest writes, The re-creation of childhood memories in evocatively restaged family photographs to the more abstract recreation of Varda and her crew assembling a fragile, open-air gallery of mirrors on a gusty beach.Audiences either find these recreations of past events helpful in gaining a better understanding of Vardas life or somewhat dishonest and overly staged. Again, re-enactments sort of lose the truth and allow the director to manipulate the audience into feeling one way about whatever it is they are presenting. Varda also chose to include footage of her and the crew working on the film, however its left up to the audience to decide whether this is a moment of authenticity or yet another staged manipulation for pleasure sake. Throughout Agnes Vardas film she has many imaginative scenes.There are scenes of her staring blankly into the camera and travel backwards through places she once lived. Though this is in the film to illustrate that she is going backwards in time to tell her story it takes way from the portrayal of her story. Its included in the film for an artistic blueprint rather than for one of truth and accuracy. In one scene her friend Chris Marker appears in the photograph of a cat and his voice is distorted to sound like a robot of sorts in a staged conversation with Varda. This scene, among many others, seems very whimsical and far from what actually took place in her past. aside from fictitious imaginative scenes, The Beaches of Agnes strays from the autobiographical film genre, in that when Varda explores her past she ends up becoming more kindle in something that she discovers on this journey that has nothing to do with her story. When she returns to her childhood home she becomes fascinated with the elderly deposit who now owns it rather than focusing on the life she lived there. In his review on Beaches, Haden Guest writes the film frequently wanders away from its purported subject in order to learn more about the various hoi polloi encountered along the way.Its as if she is making two movies, one about her past and the other about the people she met on the journey to making the film, but attempting to put them all into one. It seems the goal of The Beaches of Agnes is not to serve as a confessional narrative but an exploration into her past with a focus on the people she encountered rather than on herself. In film it is very easy for fiction to slip in and take work for entertainment value, whereas in prose there is a lesser opportunity. Both Jonathan Caouette and Agnes Vardas styles of filming allow for fiction, whether it be through editing, reenactment or other elements of film.Each of these directors classify their films in the autobiographical genre which means their films should present their lives truthfully and accurately. However, in both films it is clear that each director has manipulated footage or used reenactments to present their lives in a different way. Nei ther film is one hundred percent truthful. These films should not contain over dramatizations or stretched truths. When tackling the genre of autobiographical film it is important to portray oneself and ones story in an honest light.

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The Views of Adam Smith Essay Example for Free

The Views of Adam smith EssayThe views of Adam Smith, the firmness of the Rights of Wo custody, Declaration of Independence, and the Declaration of the Rights of Men have a few similarities and some differences. The similarities were difficult to find found on intimately of what Smith thinking was centered on economics. However, the works of Adam Smith and these one-third declarations solely get by a common theme on rights of human beings. For instance, Adam Smith was against slavery and his views were that he cherished it to be abolished. The thinking was on the same level thinking as was the three declaration views toward how work force and wo hands should be treated. The thoughts of all the authors were geared to place the undivided before all including profit. Adam Smith and the three declarations were quite different in many ways. One major difference among them were that the declaration were mainly concerning how individual should be treated.The declaration sought the government to be fair and just towards the treatment of both men and women. Whereas Adam Smith was in the infant stage of early economics and how capitalism could and would be fuel by human self-interest. Smith placed a lot of emphasis on what he termed as laws of the marketplace specifically addressing issues pertaining to goods that are produced for high society. The declarations are pleading to the government for equal treatment in all phases of society, however the importance of the market is not the main concern in the declarations. Adam Smith is entirely interested in how society managed to sustain itself through mechanism that are somewhat invisible hand. As Heilbroner 1999 questions, How is it possible for a community in which everyone is busily following his self-interest not fly by from sheer centrifugal force? From these questions Smith was able to construct the laws of the market.Smith interest was in intercourse to how the individual interest and passion of me n are in line with what society is in organization with. The laws of the market is what Smith believes is the most influential part of society and its success or failure is based and dependent upon it. Smith see how an individual that is driven by self-interest in society bring together with similar motivated individuals ordain consequently end in competition. This competition directly leads to goods and quantities that society wants and desires. His grounds along years of studies and debating with some of the most gifted scholars of his snip has subsidisationed to the conclusion that the self-interest and motif of man solely for profit has to have a regulator to control the greed of profiteers.The regulator to which he defers to is called competition. Smith is able to see that for each man that wants to do the best for himself and reap maximum profits, will always be met the a similar individual with the same motives in mind. Smith views confirms with the views and demands o f the authors of the three declarations. Smith was not in agreement with all the practices in his day as he displayed his understanding of the market and pre-capitalism. Even his day there those who would cheat the markets by rigging prices. He understood the exploitation of children for drudge in the cotton mills were wrong. These practices was not his ideal way that the market and the future of should proceed entirely he knew that this the approach and the path in which it was following.It also confirm that even with the negatives that accompanied the market, these activities continued because society including felt that they were necessary evils attached to the overall progression of society. The Declaration of Man best describes the world as we know it today. This is based on the articles that are attached to this document. Although this declaration was drafted and written in 1789, some if not most of the pleas and demands are still being sought in todays society. One of artic les states, That men are born and remain free and equal in rights. However, this particle article was evident in society as late as the 1960s.During this time the Civil Rights struggle was need to patently grant Black (Negros) the right to vote, attend integrated schools, sit at the same lunch tables, or simply sit in the front of a public bus. The seventeenth article of the Declaration of Man states, Since prop is inviolable and sacred right, no one should be deprived thereof except where public essential.. This article also was not enforced until almost a one hundred years by and by and even then people of color ran into many obstacles when approaching property ownership. Even Smith time there was the rich who sole goal was to accumulate more wealth. Smith himself did not approve of boastful to the needy or donation to charities. However Smith was not vain to believe in the hookup of wealth simply to have more Smith felt that capital was better suited to be invested into mach inery to further the progress of the society.

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Overview of the Film Free

Overview of the Film Freedom Writers Essayestablish on a true story, Freedom Writers is an inspiring film about a young teacher named Erin Gruell (played by Hilary Swank) who chooses to work at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. It is a school that is bust by gang violence and racial tension due to the recent integration program in that district. The story begins in 1994, Erin is a forward-lookingly hired teacher at the high school and is assign to teach Freshman and Sophomore English.Teaching at the school is nothing like what she expected, as fights always break out both inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, students come to school strapped with guns (if they come at all). The teachers defend very little faith in the students and the students have very little faith in Erin Gruell, exclusively as time goes by she develops their trust and respect. Erin throws out her more traditional lesson plans and instead appeals to the students by having them hold open daily journals about their personal stories.She teaches them about the Holocaust, Anne Frank, and takes them on field trips and to restaurants. At the same time that Erin tries to kick the bucket out and inspire these young people, Erin faces a divorce and protests from her fellow coworkers. However, Erin rises above these adversities to inspire her students to soar to new academic and personal heights, none of which they ever thought were imaginable. Erin displays unwavering faith in her students and in their expertness to learn.Likewise, these students find faith in themselves and each other and previous gang, racial, and territorial divides are broken down pat(p) as students like Eva, Jamal, Marcus, and Brandi gain the courage to do whats right and improve their lives. The ending is improbably motivational as Erin gets 35 computers to be donated to her school so that her students can compile their stories from their journals into a volume that would eventual ly be published in 1999. Most of her students went on to college and broke from their previous lives.

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The Beach Essay Example for Free

The Beach EssayOn a hot summertime day the best place to be is the Beach. Have you ever been so hot you could melt, and just trust to play in the cold, salty ocean? I have The best felling is the wet, grainy, sand between your toes. When you go to the beach all you see is the clear blue ocean, colorful umbrellas, and the silky white seagulls. But be c areful, the seagulls will eat your food right out of your hands Who doesnt like the beach?If youre look for a quiet relaxation at the beach, I dont think that will work out as well as well. Though out the day all you hear are the clear blue waves crash against the rough yellow sand, the loud motors of the boats, and the laughter of children everywhere. But in the morning or at night the beach could be quite relaxing. If you want to just relax and watch the beautiful sunrise, trance the breeze blows your hair back the beach in the morning is perfect for you.The beach has many varied interesting smells. Theres the smell of fruit y coconut suntan pilingion, the salty ocean, and the smell of yummy smores being roasted over the fire. At the beach you can also smell the dirty look for in the sea. With the bright sun shining down on you, you will forget all roughly the bad smelling fish. Other than the smell of fish all the other smells are really delightful.I love the beach All of the smells, sights and felling of being at the beach are the best. The beach is a lot of fun. It is also a good place to go with your family and friends. As you can see there are a lot of good things about the beach. If you have never been to the beach you dont manage what youre missing. Alexis Gonzalez

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder Essay Example for Free

Oppositional Defiant Disorder EssayChildren are averagely backbreaking to deal with and could be very challenging any(prenominal)times. They usually confirm mood swings and tantrums that are nearlytimes exhausting to control and deal with. On the otherwise hand if the churl or an individual is ob pay heedd with austere pattern of tantrums, arguing and have cut offive expressions to their parents or other people then thither is a possibility that the individual have oppositional noncompliant rowdiness.Oppositional insubordinate deflect (ODD) is a kind of disorder that is creation characterized by a recurrent pattern of negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior towards authority figures such(prenominal) as parents and teachers and the elders and it usually occurs and happens for at least 6 months. Teenagers and tikeren with ODD shows a consistent symptom pattern of refusing commands, orders or request coming from adults and they may manifest great a nnoyance, irritability and stubbornness to people that are erstwhile(a) to them. ODD is usually normal in early chelahood and adolescence stage (Sadock, Kaplan, Sadock, 2007). SymptomsHaving a defiant behavior is usually common among barbarianren most especially if they are in the transition of 2 to 3 years or when they reach the teenage years. At this age infantren normally act with defiance so that they nookie affirm themselves and check their limits. There are a lot of symptoms that may indicate that a churl or a teen has ODD. Symptoms of ODD are if an individual always loses his or her temper, often argues with adults, on purpose annoys people, blames other people for his or her mistakes, misbehavior, often annoyed or angry, academic conundrums, often spiteful and defies obeying with adults rules and requests.It is an oppositional defiant disorder if four or more symptoms are present in a souls behavior and lasts for at least six months (Sadock, Sadock Levin, 2007). Furthermore, children with ODD are usually moody and they get easily frustrated with things and they quarter withal have a very low self-esteem. There is also a possibility that they will abuse the use of drugs, other substances and alcohol (Webmd, 2008). Etiology There is still no clear cause behind the oppositional defiant disorder. The etiology of ODD is believed to come from unlike factors such as environmental and genetic or combined.A child who has ODD is more wish wellly to have a history in his or her family of some behavior disorders, anxiety disorder, personality disorder, and mood disorders. In addition, if the parents of the child are alcoholic or have problems with the behavior such as macrocosm always into pettifoggery the child washbowl adapt the behavior and may develop into having ODD later on (Tynan, 2008). diagnosis/ Assessment It is difficult to mark and diagnose different kinds of mental health conditions in a person because some of the symptoms of a sealed disorder may also be present in some other mental disorder.Furthermore, it makes also difficult to diagnose a child whether he or she has ODD because it is normal for children to have the different behaviors that ODD characterized. In diagnosing ODD, there are no medical tests such as blood test that cigaret determine whether a child or a teenager has ODD or another type of disorder. Some disorders such as ADHD, conduct disorder, bipolar disorder and other mood or behavioral disorders can overlap the signs and symptoms of ODD, therefore it is very important to have a thorough check up and observation to see and diagnose a child pretend with ODD (Rapoport Ismond).Moreover, in diagnosing ODD different types of medical tests may be given to the person to be bale to rule out physical illness or medication side make worry X-rays and blood tests. Only mental health professionals like the psychiatrist or psychologist can determine different kinds of mental illnesses such as OD D in an individual. By looking at the childs family and health history experts will be able to find it easier to diagnose a child with ODD (Chandler, 2008). PrevalenceOppositional defiant disorder is said to be more common in boys quite than in girls and in children or adolescents. This disorder can usually be seen and observed when a child reaches the age of 8. It is said in some research that there are about 2 to 16% of the US state both male and female have ODD and about 25 % of the population with ODD develops conduct disorder and about 10% of the population have antisocial personality disorder and mostly are already adults (Videbeck, 2007).ODD is more prevalent in males than females before they reach the puberty stage. However after they reach the puberty stage or adolescence, the ratio of both genders already do equal due to the reason that females tend to be involved with antisocial males as partners (Corcoran Walsh, 2006). Risk Factors Oppositional defiant disorder usual ly comes with other behavior disorders or mental disorders. There are about 50% to 65% of children with ODD usually have attention shortage disorder (ADD) or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ome form of affective disorder may also be present among 35% of children with ODD, 20% with mood disorders like anxiety disorder or bipolar disorder and 15% develop some personality disorder (Kane, 2008). Other risk factors that may be present to children with ODD are being abused or neglected, lack of supervision from parents, poor relationship with one or both parents and other family members, family instability such as incident of divorce, financial problems in the family, exposure to violence and abusing substance like drugs and alcohol (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2007).Treatment Psychotherapy There are many options for treating oppositional defiant disorder in an individual. unlike treatments depends on the age and the severity of the condition and its symptoms and the person sho uld be willing or aware so that he or she will be able to participate and cooperate well in the treatment process of ODD though it is usually complicated and difficult especially if the individual is a child. foremost and common treatment being used with patient with ODD is psychotherapy. In psychotherapy the process is juts like counseling.The goal of this kind of treatment is to help and assist the child in developing ways on controlling his or her anger and other defiant behaviors. Cognitive behavioral therapy is another way of therapy that can help a child or a person with ODD. It is a kind of technique or approach that intends to influence bad behaviors and cognitions through a goal-oriented process. This kind of therapy has been proven to be effective on most mood disorders, behavioral disorders, personality disorders and other mental diseases.In addition, family therapy can also serve as a great help for treating ODD. This can help family interactions and communications not only to the child with ODD and parent but to rest of the members of the family as well. There is also a new therapy that has been introduced that can help treating ODD and it is called parent management training (PMT). This approach teaches the parents different techniques to positively modify or change their childrens behavior (Webmd, 2008). MedicationsMedications or drugs can also help in the process of treating oppositional defiant disorder in a child. There was a study made to see whether a certain drug called Ritalin can be effective in treating children with ODD. The researchs result undercoat out that there were about 90% of children with ODD who were treated by Ritalin do not have ODD anymore when they finish the study. Another drug called Strattera did also help and got treated for some children with oppositional defiant disorder.Mood stabilizers can also help in the process of treating ODD using medications to be bale to control the behavior of the person with ODD. Lastly , other alternative treatments but has not been proven by studies that is suspected to help in the treatment of ODD. It is said that Omega-3 oils and Vitamin E helps lessen the behavioral problem of a child with oppositional defiant disorder (Kane, 2008). Prognosis Treating oppositional defiant disorder usually takes time to treat. It requires considerable term commitment to the person and most especially to the parents.If the individual did not receive proper treatment there will be a higher risk that the child will develop a conduct disorder or antisocial personality disorder (Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2007). Prevention Good parenting can prevent the prevalence of oppositional defiant disorder. It is very important that parents should treat their children fairly and should be consistent with their rules and consequences inside(a) the home. Proper communication is also needed between children and parents to avoid such problem to occur.Abusing and neglecting children shoul d be also avoided hence it is one factor that triggers ODD to occur in an individual. If parents can already observe different or unusual behavior in their children they should ask for help or seek advice to experts to know if there is something wrong with their children. If ODD is detected earlier then it will be easier also to treat and the person will no longer have to suffer and experience this kind of disorder that can disrupt their lives (Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2007).Conclusion In conclusion, becoming aware and knowing all the information that lies ahead in oppositional defiant disorder is very important. One should be attentive most especially the parents of all the undeniable repercussions that it can bring to a person particularly children and adolescence to be able to stop the increasing frame of ODD and so that children and other people will be able to live normally and forge well in the society.

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British Politics and Society Essay Example for Free

British Politics and Society EssayBetween 1947-51, there was a considerable microscope stage of economic recovery from the severe crisis of 1945-57. Nationalisation of reveal industries, and creation of the welfare state Ernest Bevins work as the unusual Secretary ensured continuation of special kind with USA and the formation of NATO After losing power in 1951, labour only had two terms until Tony Blairs landslide victory in 1997 History of British political relation society between 1951 1997 was framed by Attlees govt and the beginning of Blairs administration. Trends Developments 1951 1973 sustained periods of employment relative popularity the long lieu- state of war blast 1973 1979 oil price crisis 1979 1990 Thatcherism, industrial unrest, and privatisation of nationalised concerns. Post-war years= extensive social cultural change, with emergence of a young person culture, the advance of women, vast developments in the mass media the growth of multiculturali sm.Politics Govt 1951-64 was marked by dominance of maintain Tory govts under Churchill, Eden Macmillan Between 1964 79, it was a period of mainly Labour govts under Wilson Callaghan, interrupted by Tory govt, under heathland 1970 4. 1979 97 era of Thatcherite conservatism During those years Labour fell into decline repayable to internal divisions and the formation of SDP 1969 98 problems of security in N.IrelandForeign Affairs Period marked by slow uneven retreat from empire, with further decolonisation. Continuance of cold war enhanced Britains special relationship with USA , whilst relationship with Europe grew more complex Britain joined EEC 1973Section 1 Dilwyn doorman that of a post-war consensus that the sense of national unity, which developed during and because of Peoples War was continued and consolidated by Attlees giving medicationbequest of war years Post-war consensus after WW2 Attlee, Churchill Eden worked to thwarther in war time coalition premenstrual syndrome until Wilson in 1964 fought in WW1 Tony Blairs background fitted in with Tory mould as well or even emend than Heath Right-winged Tories argued that continuation of Attlee legacy was a tragic socialistic mistake Left-winged Bevanites argued Atlee legacy not socialist enoughPolitical Tensions labour was subjected to a series of intense internal divisions and personality clashes throughout post war history post war labour didnt move with the post war consensus west Germany 1959, see turning point when SPD reformed and dropped Marxist ideology for modernisation and democracy Thatchers victorful rebellion against Heath in 1975 marked the conservative party s shift from the post war consensus Thatchers election success marked the degree of part divisionsPolitics Tories could hardly be called right winged in the mid-fifties Both Churchill and Eden made radical movements to alter the relationships between the government and the trade unions Steel exertion was denationalised i n 1953 No attempt to reverse what the labour government had done between 1945 51 Macmillan government did more to consolidate the post war consensus than to challenge it 1959 Macmillans government continued to follow centrist policies scotch Policy continuation of the post war consensus under the government was referred to as butskellism butler was a key figure in the conservative party (chancellor of exchequer) and was a serious contender for drawship in 1957 Butler clashed with Bevan over the costs of the NHS 1963 Gaitskell became leader of the labour party Gaitskell had open feuds about with the left wingers in his experience party especially over nuclear disarmament a key feature of butskellism was the ideas that Butler and Gaitskell had often more in common with each other than rival wings in their own partiesForeign Policy Foreign policy was a major element of the Attlee legacy and the post war consensus which was summed up as a commitment to maintain both the welfare st ate and national greatness An roll in the hay was the dissatisfaction of the alliance with the USA, and large scale commitments much(prenominal) as the independent nuclear war deterrent and anti soviet policies of the cold war Labour politicians were sensitive about the claims that the socialism was unpredictable and unreliable and they cute to prove the opposite Bevan had battle with the left wing and communists during the thirties Bevan was a supporter of Churchill and was proud of his successes such as the formation of NATO and wanted to keep their special relationship in good repair many a(prenominal) left wingers werent happy with the policies but were never able to do over turn them Post war consensus was put under strain due to the Suez crisis Macmillan read the lessons of the affair and was quick to mend bridges with the US Macmillans wind of change speech led the way to rapid decolonisation across Africa Macmillan applied to get Britain in the EEC which got declined due to De Gaulle Under the government of Wilson is when Britain was accepted into the EECThe significance of the 1964 The labour weigh made much of the theme of modernisation Public mood of expectancy in 1964 , reflected the sense that mid-sixties Britain was going through fundamental social and cultural change There was no change in political direction, in 1964 the labour governments under Wilson Callaghan succeed in carrying on with their radical promises Labours policies werent that different from what the conservatives would collapse done and there was emphasis on the economic modernisation Why were the labour governments between 1964 and 1979 otiose to achieve more success? When Harold Wilson came into power in 1964 optimism among the labour supporters was high, Wilson seemed to be a talented leader who had a wide support in the country

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Relationship Between Machbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay Example for Free

Relationship Between Machbeth and skirt Macbeth EssayThrough turn up the antic Macbeth, there is an ongoing relationship betwixt Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Right away you pick up that Lady Macbeth is a real cold viewling psyche, while her husband is very naive and weak. The relationship these cardinal share is as what most people would regain as unhealthy. There are never both agreements, there is never any reasoning, its wiz way, Lady Macbeths way, and thats it. This is one of the biggest factors as to why all these trage returns happened. She sparked Macbeths dark side, she brought it out of him and as the play progresses, you see how Macbeth is out of control and how Lady Macbeth loses all her power everywhere him. The roles become reversed and it leads to one big mess spiralling out of control. Macbeth, once a meek, loyal man is influenced by his cold, cruel wife and from there, tragedy strikes. The relationship in the midst of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, you can see right hand away is not a good one. She is the type of mortal who has to take aim it her way. She is making Macbeth live the life she wants.When the three witches foresee him becoming King of Scotland, Lady Macbeth doesnt even question if he will achieve it or whether to try, she orders him to be it saying Shalt be kilobyte art promised (Macbeth 1, V). Besides her always taunting and ordering Macbeth, you never see any affection between the two. You never hear them acting analogous a expression married couple. It seems as if they are vindicatory two people with the label of husband and wife. They can never just have a normal conversation, its always orders and arguments. Macbeth never wants to let dismantle or disappoint her, its almost like he is scared of her.This relationship is what causes the tragedies. Lady Macbeth has a huge influence on Macbeth. Their relationship has to be the engine that sparked all the deaths. It starts discharge by Lady Macbeth ordering him to cleanup King Duncan, the King of Scotland. She firstinnate(p) taunts him by saying It is alike full othmilk of human kindness to apprehensiveness the nearest way (Macbeth 1, V). This shows how cold Lady Macbeth is, as milk is the food of a new born child, she implies Macbeth is too much like a kind child to murder anyone, which is a method utilise to spur Macbeth on into killing theKing. When Macbeth finally finds the courage to tell her he doesnt want to kill, she shuts him down instantly. She goes And live a coward in thine own esteem (Macbeth, 1, VVI). This is a huge insult to Macbeth, and this is what finalizes his decision to kill King Duncan. You can see how she starts rubbing off on him when he says False face must(prenominal) hide what the false heart doth know (Macbeth 1, VVI). As the play continues, Lady Macbeth is constantly telling Macbeth what has to be done. Killing after killing, she is in his ear slightly what to do next.Eventually, Macbeth has no more control over his darkness and you quickly see things start to change. Once Macbeth started demoralizeting more confident by his killings, he realized he was gaining more and more power, and his ambition grew stronger and out of control. You start to see his and Lady Macbeths relationship change. Lady Macbeth starts feeling guilty in act three. Tis safer to be that which we destroy, than by destruction hold up in doubtful joy (Macbeth 3, II), this shows she realizes that getting what you want doesnt bring peace.Despite the fact that both are feeling guilty, Lady Macbeth tries to remain strong in front of Macbeth Things with without all remedy should be without regard whats done is done. This shows Lady Macbeth again telling Macbeth that the murder has happened and that he should get over it, as nothing can be done to change it. There is however a hint of remorse in Lady Macbeths voice, showing how she is losing her power over Macbeth, mainly because she is purpose it hard to get over her guilt. It happens once again when Macbeth shouts out O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife (Macbeth, 3, II).This is where we apprehend Macbeth cannot let go, he has to now take the matter of murder into his own hands. As the scenes go by, you see Macbeth making his own decisions. He starts killing firstly without conscience or guilt, and secondly, without Lady Macbeths consent. He stop telling her his plans and when Lady Macbeth hears word of her husbands actions, she is overwhelmed with guilt and commits suicide. When he finds out about this, he shrugs off her death, he felt more guilty about the killing of the King, a person he hardly even knew, than the death of his wife, the woman he believed to have loved.This proves that one, either Macbeth was in too deep with his evil side at this point, he showed no remorse, or two, he didnt in truth love his wife, another point proving their unhealthy relationship. Perhaps it is Lady Macbeths cold hearted ways that have taught Macbe th not to care, perhaps if there was no Lady Macbeth, Macbeth would still be the man he started off as. Every person has a dark side amongst themself, its just a matter of how you intercept it. By the end of the play we see how the relationship has deteriorated to such a state Macbeth loses all emotions.He no longer cares who the person is, who will be affected by their murder, or if they deserve to die or not, if there is the possibility of them coming in the way of Macbeth and his dream, they are dead. Macbeth no longer has the business organization of getting caught either. He believes he is invincible, that he can do anything. This just goes to show how much one person can have such a huge impact on your life and how the right amount of taunting and nagging mixed with a whole lot of ambition creates a very dangerous, deadly mix.

Biographical Interpretation Works In Relation Essay Example for Free

Biographical definition Works In Relation EssayMany literary works come across as hard for explanation, its been a problem since literature has been a main stay in society. Over sentence many styles of explanation have been both approached and adapted by tapeers and critics alike. One of the most popular is the biographic interpretation. This is when a reader makes use of details regarding the life, clock eons and works of an author as a nub of solving interpretive problems. The biographical interpretation is a very undecomposed way to take down wrong the readers head because the past, and your past experiences atomic number 18 what shape your mind as it matures over time, even the smallest experience muckle make a decent sized impact on ones thought process. Mark both is a good example of an author that has been analyzed, possibly even over analyzed. By every angle he has been projected at, most notably for his works on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Advent ures of Huckleberry Finn. If you were to read his book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn without taking a look at any biographical pieces about Mark Twain you would undoubtedly not pee as more out of the novel as you would in contrast, if you were to read the biography. To prove the point the economic aid of the semi-biographical adjudicate The Life of Samuel Clemens and the Reception of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will be called upon end-to-end the essay.At the beginning of the biographical essay there is an excellent explanation of the personal side of Twain the only clear picture is that Twain was a man of paradox (pg. 19). The reason this excerpt fits the topic of biographical interpretation is because one pick out word within that quote, that key word being paradox. A paradox is a statement that seems irrelevant to common sense and yet is perhaps true. With The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn being the novel that we are taking a look at in co ntrast to the biographical side of Mark Twain this word, paradox, fits perfectly since there are paradoxes running throughout the novel. A good example of a paradox in the novel is from the let loose of Huck Finn himself When it was dark I set by my campfire smoking, and feeling pretty satisfied still later it got sort of lonesome, and so I went and set on the bank and counted the stars and drift-logs and rafts that come down, and then went to arse there aint no better way to put in time when you are lonesome you vernacular stay so, you soon get over it. (Pg. 62)The paradox that has been spoken by Huckleberry is that depression and lonesomeness mountain be slept away. Which when first heard can be looked over and seen as straight out nonsense. in time if it is thought about closely most people that are depressed can be get a quick fix from what makes them depressed by sleeping through it as much as they can, sort of like sleep and relaxation was the drug of its time. It may so und inconceivable now, but in the era that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was penned the idea of sleeping, or rather lounging around for days was not that inconceivable because they did not hot the busy lifestyle in which we live in current time.This is just one of many paradoxes throughout the book that reflect the author in a great way due to the fact that he was known as a living paradox because of the way he lived his life. For a man that make silver out of writing about adventures of rafting down the Mississippi and barely getting by money wise seem so interesting. But grew up living in Connecticut for a good amount of time in his life and also seeking to be filthy rich, and have no worries is most likely the biggest paradox of his life.Another way that the book of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can be looked at from a biographical perspective and make sense is the fact that the main characters in the novel have a very similar background as to which they grew up in. I n a paragraph written by an African American professor of eastern studies and a writer of African-American folktales and poetry. A man by the name of Julius Lester speaks of the relationship between Huck, Tom, and Mark Twain himself in a very unique manner. respectable after he speaks of how he does not recollect ever reading the writings of Mark Twain, but then says something to the effect of what American child hasnt read the tales of Huck and Tom so maybe he has, but the literature was not that significant to his life. What Lester has to say is something that most people taking the biographical interpretation approach should use as an approach to all authors in relation to the characters they write of I do have an emotional memory of going to Hannibal, Missouri with my parents when I was eight or nine, and visiting the two-story human body house where Mark Twain lived as a boy-where Huck and Tom lived as boys. (Pg. 341, Morality and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)This is a grea t comment because when you take a novel andtry and put a biographical interpretation onto that novel you need to take a very close look at the characters and their relation to the author. That is the headstone of the biographical interpretation, how the characters are at all a parallel to the author. With Mark Twain himself growing up for part of his life on the Mississippi it gave him great knowledge of what he was talking about, and it gave him the roots of the characters that are now notable American icons. Him having the knowledge of the Mississippi, and of southern life in America at that time influenced the characters and the novel infinitely. Whether it is a satirical look at the way American life was at that time is a whole different essay. With all of this in mind it can be said that he sure lived the life of Huck and Tom whether it be on a lower level, or a parallel these characters and Mark Twain are one in the same.These are only a few examples of how the biographical i nterpretation of a novel is a very reliable approach to analyzing literature as long as you know that the biographical information is accurate. Doing this will also make the novel much more enjoyable because if you read the biographical essay, paragraph, novel, etc. Then you will be able to go along the book and be able to not look down upon the book, but look more for the reason that that author had said what he said, and what he really meant by it. It is about looking from the indoors and looking out at the novel for the reasons behind what was said, instead of looking into the novel for the reasons to not read the book altogether