Friday, April 26, 2019

To what extent would a social and environmental audit help Coca-Cola Essay

To what extent would a social and environmental audit service coca plant- cola to answer its critics - Essay ExampleAn independent study by Exeter University on the sludge released from Coca cola Company reveals that the sludge that Coca Cola has been dumping on the land has traces of chemicals that are non dependable for human consumption. That result invalidates any claim by Coca Cola that the waste material is not harmful to human beings. It exposes Coca Colas operations in India as unethical. In fact, Exeters research is also supported narrowly by study results from the local state laboratories who make water positively confirmed the sludge indeed has chemicals. These two findings put any claim of honesty by Coca Cola about the state of its operations in Indias Kerala state as unreliable. Coca Cola cannot be trusted to give an audit of itself without attempting to sweep its ethical filth below the carpet to distract possible repercussions. No man can be a judge in his own persona (Layzer, 2011).The reliability of claims by those who oppose Coca Colas activities can also be assessed finished the prism of facts, exaggeration and hidden interest in the matter. The study reveals that since the Coca Cola opened up in the region, locals have complained about the amount of water they can access. Since water is such a fatality in human lives, and since the complaints have been there since the company began its operations, claims about the drop in the volumes of water reckon justifiable. One can say that the villagers are honest to say that the setting up of the company has modify the volumes of waters in the region. That is because water is a commodity used daily in human heart and any event that affects its accessibility is easily noticed.The locals can also be justified in their claims that their livelihoods have been destroyed since the building of the plant in the region. It would appear that the huge amounts of water needed for sustainability of th e lives of locals has been grossly interfered with in the aftermath of

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