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Should companies lease or buy computer equipment today What kinds of Assignment

Should companies lease or buy computer equipment today What kinds of questions should companies drive themselves when making a de - Assignment ExampleAs the need for accessibility and a wider geographical coverage has been inevitable, it is necessary that in that respect are means of enabling the department attain this requirement. Sales cars are the surpass ways of ensuring that the plaques dedicated gross salesmen or women are able to promptly and appropriately respond to individual customer needs. Since public means is a relatively cheaper but expensive for competition of the ecesis, there is a practice in the industry that has seen major organizations acquire their own go by for the purposes of overcoming the challenges of public transport. away from affording the salesmen and women the luxury of being flexible and comfortable while performing their duty to the organization, cars owned by the organization are also the best means of ensuring that coordination and monito ring is enhanced in the department. For instance, a good pop off should provide means of tracking locations of different customers across the identified geographical segments. In this way, mapping knocked out(p) the target market will be possible and hence easy scheduling and management of issues uniform delivery and rapid response. On the some other hand, the sales department and the organization is able to benefit from the fleet management capabilities provided and therefore hold each(prenominal) sales team accountable. A price cap of $20,000 for each unit has been established for this program. To enable the organization make the most appropriate purchase as per the requirements of the sales lag, several cars will be compared under specified criteria. The remainder of this document contains the following elements . The Criteria Used to appreciate the sales cars . railcar Evaluation . Final Recommendation The Criteria Used To Evaluate the Sales Cars The purpose of this sec tion is to state the requisite specifications that each car should meet as required by majority of sales staff. By identifying the requirements for the ideal car, it will be easy to guide the proposed purchase program to the most able and viable option in the list of the available car choices in the market. The criteria are Financial viability The outcome of doors Originality of the car Fuel economy Warranty period Additional benefits Financial viability The chosen car for the sales team must non exceed the sum of $20,000 in total costs of purchase. This implies that regardless of the other requirements that might be fulfilled by other cars, the cost of purchase according to the budget is not to be surpassed. The Number of Doors All the car units need to have four doors. Flexibility of the sales staff is very important in having access to their chosen means of transport. It is also obvious that the number of doors has a direct bearing on the seat capacity and even the storage spa ce in the car. Since the organization is looking to maximize on the available fleet due to limited resources, this criteria is therefore essential for the purposes of the mentioned physical object apart from other reasons. Boot space is also important for sales staff for delivery purposes. Originality of the Car The vehicles to be purchased must be American-made due to the clientele requirements. The country of manufacture is

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