Monday, April 29, 2019

What is strategic human resource management and what is HR's role in Essay

What is strategic human mental imagery management and what is HRs role in strategic management planning process - Essay Example strategical HRM even includes the process of making strategy related choices and the knowledge of priorities of different strategies. In basic terms, strategical HRM revolves around the amalgamation of the strategy of both the company and the human resources so that HR strategies result in the attainment and implementation of the companys strategy.It is more commonly practiced that the human resources department plays a major role in the implementation of the strategic plan. On the other hand some arrangement do consider HRs role as an important one in the development of the strategic plan. While devising a strategic plan an nerve needs to perform an inseparable assessment in various areas of the disposal including the human resource aspect of the organization. The organization even performs an outside assessment in relation to human resource managem ent. While performing an external assessment an organization needs to focus on whether there are opportunities and threats related to human resources (Bernardin 116). For example an external synopsis may reveal that there is a threat to the organization because of shortage of laborers who can work on process of manufacturing denim clothes. The external assessment may even help in identifying opportunities such as an increase in number employees being laid off and these employees have the ability to handle denim manufacturing processes.After conducting the external assessment, the organization turns to conducting an internal assessment in the context of human resources. For example a denim manufacturing organization identifies that there is an increase in demand for denim. In relation to that opportunity the organization may conduct an internal assessment regarding whether the organization has the required human resources who are capable of manipulation denim manufacturing processe s such as sewing. If

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