Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Digital Forensics in the Criminal Justice System Essay - 4

Digital Forensics in the Criminal Justice System - Essay ExampleThe make-up looks at the deed area with the discussion of the digital and non-digital items in Mr. Yourprops former Company work area. For the company to achieve its objectives, the work area items should support the working condition of the workers in the company.Before peeping for Mr. Yourprops former Company work area, the seeker should first get the authority to enter into the premises. The searcher should first seek the permission of the owner of the company. This allows the owner to have the full confidence of the person who is inquisitory the company. During the documentation of the authority, the researcher should ensure that he/she has created trust in the mind of the owner. He/she should show license of authentication and certificate for searching. He/she show a permit of search from a registered company by law or an authority letter from a government agency. Having all this is one of the means of get tru st from the company on search. The letter should be signed and stamped by a person in authority showing authentic measures (McNurlin, Sprague & Bui, 1989).On the side of the company being searched, the officials there or the chief operating officer should accept the request for being searched. The CEO should consider search after finding that the searcher is clear from a recognised office. He/she should sign the letter and keep a photocopy or a scanned copy of the letter.In the photo of Mr. Yourprops work area, there are three main digital items evidence. These are Desktop and Laptop, Digital Voice Recorder and USB flash disk. In the laptop and the desktop, the memory retentivity may hold a lot of information. The information could be ranging from financial information, human information, accounts, quality and stock(a) with other more information. This information help the search work of search. The Second item is the parting recorder. The voice recorder will help to get any voi ce recorded in a meeting or the office. Lastly, the USB flash disk also

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