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Society has become increasing dependent on galvanizingity oer the last 200 years 1.1Discuss how the of import sources of domestic button have changed over time o starting cables length main sources of domestic energy was wood then animals, corrupt and water and then fuels like coal, gas and oil 1.2Assess virtually of the impacts of changes in, and increased access to, sources of energy for a comm unit of measurementy oPollution oIncreases ideal of living oLighting and heat oMore bespeak for products oEffects the environment ogreater freedoms oGreater access to intercourse devices 1.3Discuss some ways in which galvanizing automobileal energy can be provided in remote locations oGenerators oSolar oWind oGeothermal oWave/water oHuman One of the main advantages of electricity is that is can be move with comparative ease from whizz place to another through and through electric circuits 2.1Describe the behaviour of electrostatic pullulates and the properties of the fields associated with them oElectric charge is when a electron and protons use a force on ane another oLike Charges Repel, inappropriate Charges Attract oExcess electrons = negative charge oExcess protons = overbearing charge oThe charge from this is an electrostatic charge 2. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
2:Define the unit of electric charge as the coulomb oCoulomb is the SI unit for electric charges oIs the amount of electric charge limiting through a channelise every blink of an eye when a current of one AMP through that point o1C = 1 AMP/ second oIC = 6.2x10 6 ^ -19 oMicro Coulombs = UC 2.3:Define th! e electric field as a field of force with a field force playfulness tally to the force per unit charge at that point oAn electric field is a region around an galvanizingly charged purpose where a positively charged purpose will experience a force oThe force on a charge is proportional to the electrical field loudness (E) at that point and the charge placed in the electrical field (q) oDirection is the direction the...If you want to urinate a teeming essay, order it on our website:

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