Monday, November 18, 2013

Art Assignment #9

Comp ar and contrast the Parthenon with the Colosseum including the human body , function , and recital of the buildingLocated in Athens , Greece , the Parthenon was built in 447 BC as a synagogue to the goddess of Wisdom , genus Athene . It represents the powerful and potent Athenian empire and the politician who insisted on its construction , Perikles . The Parthenon was in any case built to replace devil temples for Athena that no longer exists . Its architectural features kindle be draw as doric pseudoperipteral . It has a rectangular traumatise plan with a serial publication of low go on every side and Doric columns around the outer boundary of the structure . Various Metopes and Pedimental Sculptures can in any case be effect the Parthenon s design . They represent struggles between deuce opposing ideas or personas in Greek history . all over the eld , the Parthenon was rehearsed as a church , mosque , and storageBuilt in capital of Italy , Italy , The Colosseum was in the first century AD as a gift to the romish people . It was built because the urban totality needed an amphitheater . It represented Rome s grandeur and harshness . It is in the Colosseum where barbaric gladiator games were held for the people s entertainment . The Colosseum s hooey body is elliptical and sits on a foundation of two steps . thither are three floors make of traveltine pock . The one-fourth floor has windows . After the golden age of lofty multiplication , the Colosseum was abandoned and was used as a rampart , blood of building materials , and location for various shows and eventsThe similarities and differences of the Parthenon and the Colisseum are rank . two structures were built under prosperous ancient quantify in Athens and Rome respectively . It symbolized the splendor of both cities pr ovided , their similarities end there as the! y differ in aspects much(prenominal) as form and function . The Parthenon was built as a temple , period the Colisseum was an amphitheater . The former is rectangular in abidance , while the latter was ellipticalCompare and contrast the architectural form of a Romanesque church with that of a medieval churchRomanesque computer architecture is widely seen as a step towards the more popular knightly architecture . Romanesque architecture can be described as great . Romanesque churches stomach thick walls , huge towers , round arches , and thoroughly delineate . The thick walls of Romanesque churches have few small openings and are made from various building stones such as granite , limestone , and flint . Piers were also built to support the arches . Romanesque churches had columns such as write columns , pulsate columns , and moil affectionateness columns . They differ in sizing and use . Salvage columns were called as such because they were actually salvaged antiqu ate Roman columns . Drums are stone cylinders . Since Romanesque columns were massive , they were built kayoed of these drums . supererogatory massive columns were made of ashlor masonry and rubble filled the hollow core . The top of a column is called a great(p) . Romanesque capitals were inspired by the Corinthian style . It is round on the bottom and cheering on top . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
An important property of Romanesque churches are its alternate(a) piers and columns . Arches were semicircular . There was also the drop which was very ballpark in Romanesque architectureSucceeding Romanesque was the Gothic . Gothic architect ure was known as the French style . It is characteri! zed by pointed arches , profligate buttress , and rib vault . Gothic architecture seemed to be an evolution of Romanesque architecture . Thus , a change in style that bequeath separate it from the latter was introduced . This was in concomitant the pointed arches . The arch is what can identify an architectural style as Gothic There are generally two types - the huisache arch and demoralise arch The former is more pointy , while the latter is wider that its crest Other style developments occurred because of this . Gothic churches have the height and property . There is a vertical stress in Gothic churches . Windows started to expand and filled with stained glassReferencesThe Parthenon HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / schoolman .reed .edu /humanities /110Tech /Parthenon .html retrieved October 21 retrieved October 21 , 2007 from hypertext transfer protocol /academic .reed .edu /humanities /110Tech /Parthenon .htmlThe Coloseum HYPERLINK http /www .the-colosseum .ne t /idx-en .htm retrieved October 21 retrieved October 21 , 2007 from http /www .the-colosseum .net /idx-en .htmBrooke , H (2004 . Some Thoughts on the Origins of Romanesque Architecture . Retrieved October 21 , 2007 from http /amblesideonline .org /PR /PR07p451RomanesqueArchitecture .shtmlCraven , J . Gothic : Engineered for Heaven . Retrieved on October 21 , 2007 from http /architecture .about .com / library /weekly /aa121800a .htm ...If you extremity to get a full essay, invest it on our website:

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