Friday, January 31, 2014

Communication: Media Dependency (or Cognitive Dissonance)

NameProfessor s NameSubjectDateCognitive racketCognitive dissonance is an unpleasant emotion that appears when flock pee-pee 2 oppose thoughts at the same time . The thoughts under write out can involve outlooks and viewpoints , as well as the coolness of one s actions . The theory of cognitive dissonance states that individuals possess a mechanism to lower dissonance by altering their announce to , viewpoints , and actions , or by explaining their actions and ideas . This theory is one of the most reliable and broadly investigated (Festinger , 1957Investigation in the bea of cognitive dissonance usually represents stimulated agreement without adequate explanation . In such(prenominal) investigation , partakers are asked to do something they do not cost for slip to write a on the unpleasant without a able ration alization or motivation (Festinger , 1957 . A keen keep down of partakers agree to do that and then go finished the jot of dissonance . In the next situation , people are asked to choose between two presents , the presents are absolutely equal . Since the good qualities of the unwanted present are incompatible with the quality made in favor of the second , partakers usually have dissonance (Festinger 1957For instance , drunkards usually feel dissonance cod to the well-known fact that alcohol abuse causes a stack of dangerous illnesses . Every person wants to live as foresightful as possible . This wish is dissonant with drinking alcohol because it makes the life shorter . It is possible to lower the stress generated by these opposing thoughts by quitting drinking , rejecting the facts of...If you want to get a spacious essay, order it on our website:

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