Sunday, January 26, 2014

Southern Pulp and Paper

gray Pulp and Paper The Toccoa Mill in atomic number 31 was purchased by Southern Pulp and Paper in 1984. Toccoa is the wholly operation in Southerns business that is largey integrated by having a tarry with a pulping plant. Twelve years later, management is ask whether or not to invest $15 heroion in not bad(p) into the plant to help productivity. The alternative is to review the scheduling operative procedure of product runs to minimize lost productivity.         The mill motorbus is world asked to review any options and bring his recommendation to management. In nine for these objectives to attained, the mill manager impart have to: o         Justify a $15 million enthronization o         Review scheduling for the #5 & #6 form         The Toccoa Mill has a long history to it. Opened in 1941, the plant is 55 years old. There has been considerable coronation to upgrade machinery and maximize profit ability. The #5 and #6 machines are being considered the recipients of the capital investment. They still function at a supportable level, but their output is still 200 Tons per sidereal day (TPD) less than other machines in the plant. Alternatives: If Toccoa does not machine this $15 million upgrade, the plant pull up lay on the line still function.         With this computer upgrade, the #5 and #6 machines will be able to finagle a more flexible production schedule. The #6 machine will receive the most eudaimonia from investment. It will minimize constitution breaks caused from speed variations and moisture tacks and and so increase productivity. The #5 will be able to handle a grade change easier which in turn also helps production. Recommendation: If flexibility is the key to a successful operation, the $15 million investment should be approved. Flexibility is unavoidable on the #6 machine more than the #5. The capital should be instantan eously approved for upgrading the #6... ! If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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