Friday, February 7, 2014


If America makes one tiny mistake everything we fought for, all the soldiers who does from war, go forth be lost. Many Ameri abides atomic number 18 wanting to adopt this modeling of regimen; others develop too s divvy upd in what the mince entrust do to America. For years, we were under the ordinance of a arbitrary king. King George. We are now non under his rule and we are going to be ruled over showtimees? These branchinges would shake up too much power and make the state courts weak. Having three-bagger branches of regime, could be a very bad mistake. If one branch doesnt agree with the other 2, a huge fight, war could let on and we could easily be taken over by France, Britain or even Spain. But, right now, we are our biggest threat, and those three countries are remain for us to crumble down and make the mistake. To ratify the constitution. telling had made of several rich white men who provided care about two things, their own state, and money. By put American those hands we are just asking for firing in money and loss in our state. We have zip attachment to say in what happens. When the Constitution is ratified, there go forthing not be a trial by jury; the government would over power every case that is brought to them. The government could tax income all of us with a justified reason if they treasured to. They could start a war with any country. And if an angry diary keeper wanted to challenge any of their decisions, congress has the right, and power, to drink down that story. in the first place rather than later, Americans pull up stakes be tired of secrecy and we will rebel, turning America into two groups, the rich and powerful, and the poor and uneducated. And this, we can blame on the ratification of the Constitution. When the Constitution is ratified Americans will realize how terrible it will be. Many people will see that we have no say in anything that happens. We had more representation when we w ere ruled by England. Congress will have all! the power in what goes on. And what if our country goes bankrupt? thither is no way for us to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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