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UNICEF UNICEF is the worlds leading childrens face that flora for survival, protection, and development of children around the world. It works with over 155 countries and territories to improve necessary things such as education, emergency relief, HIV/ assist treatment, Health systems and Immunization, Nutrition, and clean water. The main idea of UNICEF is to work at bottom communities to promote the well-being of children. It is a voluntary funded agency, which relies on contributions and donations from governments, corporation, and clubby donors. Governments contribute two thirds of the organizations resources; private groups and some 6 meg individuals contribute the rest through the National Committees. This organization was created in 1946, in response to the destruction and indigence brought by founding War II. At that time it was supposed to be fair(a) a small operation that would supply starving children in Europe, Middle East and China with dried milk and n utritional supplements. But by 1953, UNICEF became a permanent committee in the UN that dealt with the go forths of childrens effectives. Made up of 36 members, straightaway this organization has a broad agenda that includes not merely poverty but also to ensures a childs right to education and proper health care. It also straightaway specializes in granting relief to children in the case of disaster. UNICEFs scratchborn flow became combating against yaws, a disfiguring disease affecting millions of children This was UNICEFs first objective campaign outside of World War II pertaining to an issue that effected children of the entire world. Later in 1959, the UN take the solving of Rights of the Child which defined childrens rights to protection, education, health care, harbor and best nutrition 3 This declaration laid a satisfying foundation for UNICEF, a foundation that for years would be the blinking of its many actions protec ting the rights of children. Then in 1961! ,...If you deficiency to give rise a full essay, order it on our website:

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