Monday, February 3, 2014

Venturi Tube Experiment

Venturi underpass experiment The objective of this experiment is ; 1. to compare the find jam profile of urine menses through a Venturi tube with that predicted by the Bernoullis theorem 2. to calibrate the Venturi tube for custom as a flow measurement device, and to determine the coefficient of discharge, Cd for this setup Typically, Bernoullis equation is an ideal equation whereby it scarce works on frictionless (zero viscosity) flux liquids. The evidence is from the allow obtained. Theoretically, the levers of conglomeration head must remain unceasing/still. However, the results obtained shows that it decreases instead of stay constant/still. The value of Cd obtained was 0.77; which is not very correct but acceptable. The literature/theoretical value of Cd is at heart the range of 0.95 to 0.99. The experimental results obtained discord from the literature value because on that point were several discrepancies much(prenominal) as huma n errors (parallax error) and apparatus errors (zero error). The results earth-closet be except improved by repeating the experiment a a few(prenominal) clock times and taking the average. 2. APPARATUS No.| Apparatus| point out| 1| Hydraulic terrace| This contains the sump (a reservoir of water), which supplies water to the experimental equipment mounted on it, with the help of a meaning with resides in the work bench. This pump sucks water from the sump and delivers it to the experimental equipment. The bench is used to measure the flow rate of the water flowing through the equipment.| 2| Digital stop watch| implement to measure the time while collecting water samples in order to calculate the flow rate.| 3| Measuring diver chamber| Used to collect water samples under time intervals heedful by the stopwatch.| 4| Manometer| Used to measure the force at different positions along the venture tube. An additional manometer is affiliated to a total pressure probe, which can be travel horizontally alo! ng the centre of the Venturi tube to measure the...If you insufficiency to repay a full essay, order it on our website:

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