Friday, January 6, 2017

Poem Summary - Not Waving but Drowning

In the song Not gesticulate but Drowning, there appears to be triad vocalizers including the narrator, the hu publicness drowning, and the family and friends of the piece. separately of the speakers play a solid role in the song. The showtime speaker, the narrator, appears in lines one, two, and seven. The readers do non know much virtually the narrator. The narrator is an omniscient somebody who can hear the baseless bit, family, and friends. Although, line one states, naught heard him. The next speaker that appears in the verse form is the cold man. While in the poem it states he is dead; however, he is continuing to moan. The readers whitethorn see to it this as his populate witness at crying for help. The last speaker in the poem is the family and friends of the man drowning. They are sorrow and looking back upon the dead mans life stating, ...he always love larking. The family speaks ab turn up how the dead man could have passed due(p) to a natural cause, ignoring the fact that it may not have been an accident. The three speakers work together to delineate the whole poem together.\nThe study of this poem is mental health. passim the poem, the man can be perceived as depressed, isolated, and misinterpreted. The man who is drowning can be seen as depressed. In the poem, Stevie Smith states, I was much further show up than you thought. In this quote, the man is screening that he was more lonely(a) and depressed than people thought. The champaign can also be interpreted as isolation. The man was lonely which explains why he was far out, away from everyone. olfactory property isolated in this poem added to the drowning mans mental instability. Everyone around the man misinterpreted him. In the poem it states, ...he always loved larking. This was not honest because he was suffering from a mental health problem. raft thought he was happier than he was in reality. The subject of this poem was mental instability due to the man reac hing out for help he did not receive.\nStevie Smith does...

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