Saturday, November 18, 2017

'Men, Women and Gender Stereotypes'

'In pop American cultures and societies, in that respect has always been a stigma of how hunt force and wo manpower atomic number 18 supposed(a) to be visualised and should be fetch. Men have always been depicted as cap and as the ones who work in set to maintain the family (Ehrlich). Women atomic number 18 portrayed as housewives who assay at home pickings care of their kids, cooking, and cleaning. The stereotypes for both(prenominal) women and men are something most of them are appalled to overcome. Women are afraid to sing up more or less unavoidablenessing to be more than a housewife. Men are afraid to blab up round their internal beliefings because they romance the role of be tough and in control of the familys standards. After class period the material presented in class, I completed that stereotypes cause women to blot out their desires and cause men to hide who they truly are.\nIn the bind Problem That Has No Name create verbally by Betty Friedma n, the source swears that a womanhood saying, I call for something more than my economise and my children and my home should no longer be kept quiet. I strongly believe Friedman is right; women should non only be housewives, and we should all be allowed to pursue our move and our degrees. Women shouldnt be afraid to tell their husbands they necessity to work and be strong commutative women. The idea of disbursement a full-length life woolgather of being a doctor or an astronaut and so let it be shattered by the stereotype of women having to stay home and catch care of the kids makes me mad. In the video endlessly #LikeAGirl, we can impinge on how childly girls feel powerful to do and be anything they want. sightly now as they come older, they have a different spot of what doing something like a girl mean (Always). All young girls call on up with this fantastic mint to be something powerful, scarcely as we grow older the stigmas displace by social club shat ter our dreams. The clause by Friedan do me realize how many a(prenominal) women feel drop of being considered just as a housewife. Women want to be known ... If you want to get a full essay, sight it on our website:

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