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'Implications For The Future Paper Essay\r'

'surroundal problems exist all over in this world immediately; whether it is in argument, the water, craft, crowding, or noise. Dubois, Pennsylvania which is know for its lumber and coal minelaying has 7, 794 tidy sum living here today. When this come to was founded and modify it was sold as one acre parcels, and each land owner had to determine their own road systems; which is wherefore most of the roads in Dubois be finalise today. Dubois was known as â€Å"The Divided City” buns in the very early stages of it growth. There was the Dubois side, and Rumbarger side, and detached by a low beaver damn. As population and business grows the town becomes one and is known as Dubois today. At initial way of dose in Dubois was railroads and then street cars, it was not until 1901 when Dubois got it first car bellyacheed â€Å"Steamers.”\r\nAs the area grows highroad 219 was introduced by dint of and through Dubois. This highway as well as known as Corridor 21 runs from Bluefield, West Virginia thru Dubois, Pennsylvania right down the primary(prenominal) part of town to the South of Buffalo, New York. With this highway the handicraft over-crowding through Dubois, Pennsylvania place become very chaotic at times. We deliver large amounts of trucks, and cars that use this route. As we continue on we will provide two strategies for promoting positivistic environmental deportment, how positive and ban consequences shtup increase pro-environmental bearing, thread one positive and one negatively charged shell how technology promotes give birth impacted our environment, and talk close to the influence of the environmental policies.\r\nTwo Strategies for Promoting absolute environmental Behavior\r\n i strategy that would care to advance a positive environmental behavior would be arbitrary Cueing. Cues are elements in the environment that scud in important information or trigger an seeive reaction. Steg, wagon train hi deout Berg, & international axerophtholere; DeGroot, (2013) stated, â€Å"By exploitation positive cues from the environment much(prenominal) as pedal to work the individual will generate provided a positive behavior towards the environment.” (p.120) Individuals who ride a hertz to work, and to get around town will serve up keep down down on the occupation congestion that goes through the town. Other cues such as walking, or if you gravel to drive decision other routes that are not congested would in any case help cut down on affair congestion through the town. Another strategy that ordure be employ to help positive environmental behavior is an individual’s bearing.\r\nAn individual’s attitude rouse reflect whether their behavior is button to maintain a negative or positive outcome. Self-perception theory argues that people’s attitudes are formed from the perceptions of their own earlier behavior. (Cornelissen, Pandelaere, Luk, & DeWitte, 2008). For example, if a person recycles in the historic then their attitude for recycling in the future day will be the same and will surface positive environmental behavior. For the town of Dubois attitudes amongst these individuals seem to be divided. There are individuals who drive, one’s who walk, and others who manage to ride a bike. Ways of promoting positive cues and improve attitudes for a more(prenominal) positive environmental behavior is by educating individuals on how their behavior target affect their environment.\r\nPositive and Negative Consequences of Traffic advise cast up Pro-environmental Behavior\r\nThe positive and negative consequences of handicraft suck up the ability of increasing pro-environmental behavior in certain(p) ways. It may seem as if negative consequences of calling cannot increase pro-environmental behavior precisely it can. The negative consequences of merchandise are delays, the burning of fogey provides and amou nt of contaminant macrocosm into the air by vehicles, and road rage. Steg, Van Den Berg, & DeGroot, (2013) stated, â€Å"High levels of traffic congestion may pebibyte to elevated physiological var. and negative affect.” (p.33) These negative effects not notwithstanding when affect an individual’s wellness and can cause many numerous respiratory problems, but also can affect our environment as well, by causing not only traffic congestion, but also can cause air pollution, and noise pollution.\r\nThese kind of negative consequences can lead to positive pro-environmental behavior in regards to raising bollocks up prices, building alternate routes around town, keeping sidewalks neat for individuals to walk on, and putting in bike lanes. By raising gas prices individuals do not strike as much so less traffic congestion and pollution, adding alternate routes around the town can help break up the flow of traffic, and adding bicycle lanes, and keeping sidewalks c lean will help assist individuals who live in town to ride bicycles, and walk. Positive consequences of traffic is that it assists motorist to re-time their road trip to when the traffic is not as congested, and also by step-down speeds can cause less road accidents.\r\n wizard Positive and Negative Example how Technology Advances pay off Impacted Our Environment\r\nTechnology is making distribution, processing, production, development, and geographic expedition of indwelling resources and alternative resources more cost effective, and prophylactic in regard to the environment. The Technology that we engage today has given humans a way of cut negative effects on the environment that we have caused; such as the depletion of natural resources, the burning of fossil fuels, and other behaviors which have caused negative environmental effects. One effective way for technology to have a positive impact on our environment is what they call â€Å"Smart Technology” this techn ology can help ease traffic congestion.\r\nThis smart technology helps humiliate travel delays, provides a more convenient entrance to transportation alternatives, it can customize routes on real-time traffic conditions, also can reduces the century dioxide emissions going into the air, and at the same time save individuals on the cost of fuel. Steg, Van Den Berg, & DeGroot, (2013) stated, â€Å" in spite of remarkably improve car technology, the total negative environmental impact of car use has go up over the last 100 years.” (p.244) Because of such advance technology, cars are more fuel efficient so individuals go out to buy larger vehicles, and take longer trips which in the end produces more carbon dioxide emissions, causing more pollution, and with the increase of buying cars causes traffic congestion to get worse.\r\nInfluence of environmental Policies\r\nEnvironmental policies are put into effect at all levels in our society from individual, group, large comp anies, and even municipal. These policies can have a positive outcome, or a negative outcome based on the individuals or group of people. There are policies that taxe things such as fuel, electric bill, water bills, so they can encourage individuals or groups to conserve our natural resources. These policies can also encourage individuals to change their behavior towards the environment by using slide fastener efficient items such as; light bulbs, televisions, and computers to name a few. Also by having policies we can implement other energy sources such as solar panels, or wind turbines.\r\nFor these policies to have a positive outcome on our environment the individual or group of people would have to have acceptability of the policy so it would have a strong influence on implementing these policies. acceptableness of any policies outcome is based on the attitude of the individual or group of people approximately the policy. If an individual does not like the policy that is bein g implemented, for example recycling then most possible this individual will not recycle. If individuals have a good attitude about the policy for the environment then this can influence change in their behavior towards the environment.\r\nConclusion\r\nTraffic congestion is an environmental problem that has existed for many years, and many to come. Not only does it cause delays to where you need to be, but can also cause air pollution, noise pollution, and from that many health issues to the human race as well. Technology has improved traffic congestion by reducing delays, finding alternate routes around, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and lower fuel cost. Though, there have been many positive outcomes with technology and things that benefit our environment technology can have negative impacts on the environment as well. The negative impacts from technology could be things such cars that are more fuel efficient having individuals buying larger vehicles, pickings longer trips wh ich will eventually increase traffic congestion and cause more air pollution.\r\nWith environmental policies in place we can change our behavior towards the environment by using more energy efficient items such as lights, computers, and televisions. These policies that we implement can use more natural resources such as solar or wind energy, and this type of natural resource does not hurt the environment as much as burning fossil fuels. By utilize resources provided in the environment, setting up polices, and having positive attitudes we can change our behavior towards the environment, and make traffic congestion through Dubois, Pennsylvania less focusing and less hurtful to the environment.\r\nReferences\r\nSteg, L., Van Den Berg, A., & DeGroot, J. I.M. (2013). Environmental Psychology: In universe [University of phoenix Custom Edition eBook]. West Sussex, UK: British psychological Society and John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Retrieved from University of phoenix, PSY460 website. Cornelissen, G., Pandelaere, M., Luk, W., & DeWitte, S., (2008, February). Positive Cueing: Promoting Sustainable Consumer Behavior by Cueing Common Environmental Behaviors as Environmental. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 25(1), 46-55. Retrieved from\r\nSteg, L., Van Den Berg, A., & DeGroot, J. I.M. (2013). Environmental Psychology: In Introduction [University of Phoenix Custom Edition eBook]. West Sussex, UK: British mental Society and John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, PSY460 website.\r\nSteg, L., Van Den Berg, A., & DeGroot, J. I.M. (2013). Environmental Psychology: In Introduction [University of Phoenix Custom Edition eBook]. West Sussex, UK: British Psychological Society and John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, PSY460 website.\r\n'

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