Monday, January 28, 2019

The Art of the Renaissance

The Art of The reincarnation by Maria coarse Did you know that most likely the most famous picture in the world, the Mona Lisa, was painted in the time of the reincarnation? The oil painting of the slap-up faced woman (or man), painted by the famous Leonardo De Vinci, is utter to be painted between 1503 to 1506. No one(a) knows who the person in the painting is. No one even knows whether or not it is De Vinci himself, a relative or even a man or a woman The English name Mona Lisa, came from a description by renascence Art historian Giorgio Vassar.There were some(prenominal) exquisite paintings done in the time period of the metempsychosis. Im going to briefly tell you what happened in the time of the conversion and what styles or cultural aspects influenced these talented artists. Also, how their faith reflected the artwork they do. The renascence get-go occurred in Italy, spreading throughout the countries starting approximately in the sasss and culture around the sas ss. It was after the nerve center Ages and after the Black Death had sweep through many an(prenominal) countries and eventu exclusivelyy ending up in europium killing 1. O 4 million wad in total. The Renaissance was a new uprising, it displayed many things, such(prenominal) as freedom, independence, creativity, the rebirth of perfect learning, the rediscovery of ancient Rome and Greece, and many other things. In the heart Ages in that location were only certain religions allowed and certain elans of living. The people thought of the nub Ages as a dark time but the Renaissance changed all that. They no longer wanted the old ways so they changed many aspects and ways of living in this time period, including there own language.The Renaissance artwork was typically not done for fun or as a hobby. It was usually lend oneselfd to make money or made for religious reasons. Only the paintings done by the masters hand would deal for outstanding money, all others being of little va lue. Back then, the church was a big part of the income, resulting in many paintings that were religious themed. They would sell their artwork to cathedrals and churches for money. Most of the paintings were based off the Life of Christ, the Life of the Virgin, the Life of the perfection or Salvation.The paintings brought new ideas to artwork such as a experience of space, which makes your eye see 3 dimensional and also the employment of perspective. A big part of the art of the Renaissance was religious based. The way the artists painted these paintings portrayed faith very well, even to the point of do the humanists think spirituality instead of thinking with human individuality. There were many famous religious paintings done in the time of the Renaissance such as Leonardo De Vines paintings called, The Last Supper and Virgin of the Rocks.Another famous piece of art, is the painting of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling by Michelangelo. Also among his famous works be his sculptures, David, representing the David in the bible and Pieta, showing Jesus dead body in the arms of his mother Mary. An interesting fact about the paintings is that in the Middle Ages, because of the strong dedication to Catholicism, they were not allowed to study the human body. After the Middle Ages ended, because people had more freedom of religion, people started studying the human body, which resulted in paintings that coked much more realistic.As you have seen, the Renaissance was a very big historical change for the people of that time as well as the people of today. I have only mentioned a few of the many pieces of artwork created during the Renaissance. The artists and their paintings are still remembered to this day. The styles of their artwork have affected how people create there own art today. We can learn from the styles they used, their use of perspective, colors that showed the time period, and even small things added to their ark that changed the whole picture itself.In o ne sense, the art of the Renaissance could be said to be the true start of art and the pathway that was set for the future artwork that is created today. References Art and Expression- Renaissance Art by Maria Lacy Kitchen Oracle Think Quest- The Renaissance Period by (unknown) Web Gallery of Art- Welcome to the Gallery by Emil Kern and Daniel Marx Renaissance by Thomas J. Choke, Harold E. Damager and Jose Marie Devalue BBC News- Is Ad Vines Mona Lisa a self-portrait? By Nick Watt and Mama Snappily

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