Thursday, February 7, 2019

Computers In Education :: Technology

Computers look upon in EducationWhat is an education? Education is defined as the companionship or skill obtained or developed by a accomplishment process or an instructive or enlightening experience (Dictionary 1).It says that its the familiarity obtained, but does it matter where this knowledge is obtained? We now use computers in our society, which drop by the wayside us to do m all things. However, in todays society, children go by means of their whole education using the computer. There is now cyber schooling, where a child no longer attends school but learns at home in lie of their computer. Should this, however, be how students learn and become educated? We, as Americans, educate our children by putting them through years of schooling. A child is suggested to go through 13 years of schooling. After graduating high school, it is greatly recommended to go nurture onto college to become more(prenominal) educated in certain atomic number 18as. There are thousands o f schools throughout America, however. Therefore, the students at the many schools will learn different things. We nominate our knowledge through many resources during these years of learning. Teachers, other students, computers, and oftentimes more are ways we attain our education. Computers are a dynamic attachment to education, and could be considered to be almost like a school in itself. Computers have advanced our knowledge greatly since we have introduced them into our society, and started to use them in our everyday lives. This being the reason we now use them greatly in schooling.Computers in schooling are used for many things. Computers enable students to helping learning with others. Computers can greatly enhance the writing process of a student. It allows them to change things easily, cut things out of writing and move it to different places, convey pictures, and many other attributes to writing. Computers should be compared to encyclopedias, libraries, newspapers , television and any other reading tools used in the classroom. Computer knowledge does not however, replace any of the subject area skills. However, the spelling ability of a computer is much greater than most humans ability. It has almost a built in lexicon which is not like a typical human. Students need to learn to do seek on the Internet, but they likewise need to learn to research books. Students also need to learn to use a spellchecker, but they also need to learn to spell correctly and proofread their work without a computerized grammar checker.

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