Monday, February 4, 2019

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Lin understand Mae PeraltaPeriod 7February 14,2014Mexican Independence Have you constantly thought of something youre so curious about? Something that your curiosity runs completely crackbrained because you need the full information or a full layer about what really happened or how did it happen? Well I did, when a research paper was assigned about Spanish Culture I was only Interested into wizard topic and thats the History or background oh how the Mexican People receive their Independence. Like how America had its own story of its independence. Independence is about Freedom, the freedom to do what you emergency or to be who you are. Well like any other goal independence was very important to the Spanish slew, I consider its a celebration way bigger than an event like Cinco De Mayo. I believe its one of the most important events for the Spanish sight, and heres why In the course of the nineteenth century, the country Mexico was somewhat squeeze or influence by the Uni ted States and the European country of France as they also took a insubordination for there freedom. They began to organize and planned a rebellion in contact with Spain. There were many pack who took a big impact in this rebellion. One of the well-known person who took a big impact in this rebellion was a priest in a catholic church name novice Miguel Hidalgo, he was from Dolores, Mexico. experience Hidalgo was the center of this rebellion for he was one of the top leaders of the rebellion in contact with Spain. As days and time passed by father Hidalgo and his followers of this rebellion in the year of 1810 were on the move of cookery a rebellion against the country of Spain. Rumors were spread out throughout the people about this revolt. Which then led to the Spanish gov... ...ple all over Mexico say the exact same thing all over Mexico. The crowd is fill with confetti and many whistles and horns every(prenominal)where on this day Mexico is filled with joy and laughter. Th e people are very happy as they shout and scream as they are very also thankful for their Independence to this day. The Independence for every country is one of the remarkable days of all countries and its people. For Mexico it is also one of the most important dates there is to hold for the country something to cherish and be thankful about. It is a day full of happiness for all people in Mexico have the freedom to themselves around others and in the environment they constitute in. Im glad I did a research on the Mexican Independence I learn many things from the good to the worse and more good Ive learned a lot from indite a research a paper on it I bank you did too

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