Sunday, February 17, 2019

Knowledge Management Strategic Master Plan in Malaysia Essay -- Techn

INTRODUCTIONIn the new era millennium with the fusillade of digital connectivity Malaysian government is using ICT application by insertion the friendship Management Strategic Master Plan aiming in alter Malaysia to increase productivity, reform responsibility, enhance transparency and facilitate public sector. alter cognition trouble is essential to governmental agencies at the national, regional or local rivals, because governmental organizations are basically knowledge-based organizations. Knowledge Management has likewise become one of the initiatives and trends in public sector from primarily ontogeny countries (Syed Omar Sharifuddin and Fytton Rowland, 2004).Similar view has been expressed by Hafizi Muhamad Ali and Nor Hayati Ahmad (2006) based upon their research signalise knowledge commission is now becoming an undeniably important constituent in an organizations intangible asset. Therefore, based on the authors of their articles, Knowledge Management shall be im plementing as it does bring lots of benefit for the Malaysia worldly concern Sector Environment in order to increase productivity, improve accountability and enhance transparency.DEFINING KNOWLEDGE AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENTAbdullah (2009) gives an explanation for knowledge as fluid mix of framed between experience, values, contextual information, practised insight and grounded intuition in order to provide an environment and fabric for evaluating and incorporating new experiences and information. This study addresses that KM applied in the minds of knowledge management in the simplest terms it means exactly that management of knowledge. Knowledge management incorporates ideas and processes from many different sources and technologies a wide variety of..., and retained. Using structure organizational assessment processes offers public sector organizations an opportunity to examine and improve their operations and to create a workplace culture and climate that facilitates e xcellence. It challenges employees at all levels to focus on the mission and goals of the agency and to identify ship canal of working together as an organization rather than as man-to-man processes and programs in order to provide the best possible services to constituents. A part of an organizations culture can provide the critical feedback that not exactly enables higher levels of performance but that also engages the workforce in a way that uses their knowledge and abilities in accomplishing the mission. The responsibility of agency leaders is to introduce, support, and nonplus assessment. At its most fundamental, assessment is not just a process.

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