Friday, February 15, 2019

My Personal Philosophy on Education :: Educational Teaching Teachers Classroom Essays

My Personal Philosophy on Education oneness of the questions I was asked most while growing up was, What do you fate to be when you grow up? Little did I know that I would continue to be asked that very same question all the elan up to the age of 25. Who could possibly know the answer to that question turn up of the many possible answers? It seemed exchangeable everyone did besides me. I have had so many interests throughout my life, just now unspoilt couldnt decide what I cherished to do the rest of my life. I have invariably loved to be around children, whether it be babysitting, teaching, or assisting in Bible School and sunshine School. Many people in my family are instructors, including my mother. They are not just regular teachers who carry that title, but they are teachers who mean something to their students and schools and possess that arbitrary intuition that all students can succeed through hard piece of work and determination. It wasnt until the s ummer of 2000 that I finally answered the question, that for so long I always dreaded to hear. What do you want to be when you grow up? I finally could say, I want to be a teacher. How wonderful sise words can make you feel. It wasnt just finally being capable to answer others questions, but the joy of knowing Im going to be mortal who can make a difference in a childs life. precept holds an honor that allows me an opportunity to instruct students in hands-on experiences, to develop an atm for learning, and to create a positive influence on the children with whom I am entrusted. I want to teach elementary aged children. What should be taught in school varies from individual to individual. However, the students best interest must be unbroken in mind while planning a curriculum satisfactory to their needs. I would really like to work with the third and fourth grades, but that could change due to having experiences with the other grade levels. After graduation, I wou ld like to work towards my masters and earn a degree in reading. I feel that reading is the basis for all learning. After receiving my masters, I would tranquilize like to continue with my education and be active in teacher supportive groups.

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