Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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A GANGSTETR TURNES WRITERThere was a kid named Tony Davidson who lived in Italy, Tonys daddy had a very strong gang in Italy and everybody knew who they were. If youre having any problems Ill fix them. tell Tonys dad. Tony however didnt like violence he supposition that all things could be handled peacefully. However everyone at school was afraid of him. They always bought him presents, gave him money because they knew if they didnt they would the price. Tony never asked for any of it though. All he cute was real friends, non friends that incisively use him to be on his dads good side. Everyone was too scared to tell the Italian police force because if they did they and their families would be in trouble. Until one day one brave military man told an officer at the train range. A person who was at the station at the time quickly told Tonys dad.We must move to America. Tonys dad told Tony. Fine lets go said Tony. So they got on their private which they stole from a rich Ita lian family, right for the fun of it and moved to America.It was still summer in America so school had not yet started. Tony, Tonys dad, and the gang all knew face from when they took lessons in Italy.In the high school in which Tony was to be attention there was a-lot of mean people who were jealous and beat you up just for fun. In Italy Tony heard that American schools were bad and didnt teach you anything demur for stupid stuff. However when Tony arrived at his school he realized this was not true.However what was true was that people kept making fun of him for no good reason. They were all jealous of his first day outfit he had on a Gucci suit, with Prada shoes, and a Louis Vuitton backpack. Everybody messed up all his clothes and when he told his principal, the principal said neither Sorry I dont like nor help Italians.Tony almost started crying when his dad came to pick him up in a Ferrari a kid threw an egg at the car. Tonys dad got out of the car and beat the kid up. The kid was wound so badly he was put in a wheelchair. public address system why did you do that? Violence is wrong said Tony. No it isnt violence is good said his dad.

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