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Katrina Washington Professor J. Longacre English 111 Sec. 26 November 25, 2012 Segregate the Other segregation occurs at heart the Afri behind American race and also towards African Americans by society. Sometimes in life you can be separate by your give race. Or maybe the step upsiders see it as you universe an separate incisively because you have assorted opinions around certain things that they tincture is cover or do by. Being the somber sheep of a crowd within your rattling cause soft is never a good feeling. In my own personal experience of life, I am ceaselessly the otherwise out of e very group of scurrilous spate which is my race.Various times I am embarrassed for the way the engage their ignorance into their actions and voice communication. I am a shocking woman of in identifyigence and perseverance. I do non tolerate some(prenominal) type of foolery of wads dazedity to clear up myself locomote in with that particular crowd. I attend the Univers ity of Tennessee at Martin, a predominantly white school, where I am always over smellinged by my intelligence activitys overdue to dominant opinions already made about us gruesome folk. However, thither was a very heated situation that happened recently that just about lead out of control.The night of the election sincerely standardisedwisek a writhe for the worse on campus. Needless to understand that since there was a nigrify man versus a white man running for presidency, there were split up of racist actions shown and racist words thrown. This situation made me feel very nervous and uncomfortable because I knew how the turnout would be. Once Barack Obama was announced as president again things on campus got a bit out of hand. well-nigh totally the black students were outside in the parking lot acting akin wild monkeys.Yes I view they were happy and all, only it shouldnt have been that ridiculous. There were several white students hanging out windows shout raci st remarks and insults. Once they started throwing out those dirty words, I felt project to my stomach. Disgusted and irritated just by the sound of the word nigga Black students that heard those bad remarks took things in their own hands and it well-nigh became a riot right there in the parking lot. Me toilsome to bring down some of the heat, I tried to tell them to sedate down and that it wasnt that serious.They just looked at me as if I had the word weirdo written across my forehead. They ignored my words and thoughts of expression due to my opposite opinion on how to handle things. I then outright became the Other. I hate to be stereotyped as the clean loud, gang banging, trash maundering, attitude having black person. And what I was trying to chide them to non fit into the typical stereotypes. However, they thought I was stuck on stupid or something and mentally piece me in a little segregated group of my own for my unspoken actions for help.It made me feel eliminated by my own race for thinking outside their mentality structures fortunately, I do not abide by the status quo. Being the other is never a good spot to sit in. Your voice is never heard and you ar always judged if you disagree with what they think. When you dont agree with their opinion about whatever, they judge you as being weird or strange. Why do you have to be strange just because you want to speak for yourself and not follow behind others? Its so annoying and pitiful when you talk to some maven about your feelings or what have you, and they act give care they very care.Yes people always read they understand what youre talking about when you tell about a bad experience, especially some categorisation of struggle or downfall. Unfortunately, most of the time people just tell you they understand to shut you up. The people that agree with you will never understand what the under covering of the words you speak simply because they are not you. Its needinessless to say that they ll blackmail you with your own information one time you think you can trust them. There is always a score behind peoples words and their opinion counts too.Being the other is a tough role seeing that people can hear you, but theyre not seeing. pile hear your cries, but cant feel your pain. If you ask me, it feels so much worse to be put down by your own race rather than any other. To sum up extra burden to the plate, high school sidereal daylights were no easier to be myself. I attended a school full African American there were no white or Hispanic kids what so ever. I never wanted to attend a school with strictly one race, tied(p) though Im African American, I always felt deal the only white student there.All the students just took things too far with the names, insults, and ignorant ways. They insulted the way I dressed, talked, and even how I spent my personal time outside of school. Why you talk so priggish like a white person? they asked. Why you dress like them lit tle rich snobby white girls? they say. Always upset that they judged me to be something Im not by the look of my appearance or the sound of my voice. any time I stood up to defend myself, they said they understand why I dont act like them but everybody knows they were saying it to shut me up.They always avoided me and treated me like an noncitizen because of my significant differences. Even though I am compose African American just like them, they still looked to me as the other. I say it is a form of racialism within my own race and even accessible group. How can you segregate somebody of your own kind? Every race should keep up along, but also every race should pin tumbler together and have each others prat. No motion the difference in personality, style, voice, or appearance. We are all the same and it is so stupid to be judged off of those things. causation Christopher Sunami of Essay Racism states, Race enters the fork over only in as much as it is an easy singularit y to identify and a hard one to change. For this reason, people of a different racial group are the best and easiest targets for Othering. We live in a world filled with different religions, lifestyles, and races. Remember back in the day how all black people were slaves to the whites? There were whips and chains to prove the black peoples place in the world. Times were terrible and black people had no clue how to get away or how to make everyone believe that it should discontinue.However, in the present time period, statistics say that thralldom is still about, just in a different approach. The current approach to bondage usually takes place at work or within social groups around your very own community. Be that as it may, there really is no bright side. There is a cleaner word for slavery but it sort of has similar meanings. The word Im referring to is the other. The word basically means any group identifiable as a whole to which they dont belong personally. The biased gentle of being the other occurs everywhere none stop.Unfortunately it will not stop, being that the other has no voice and is alienated consistently for his/her opinion or thoughts. As shocking as it may appear, being the other can actually form in its own race group. Being discriminated against by other races is bad enough, but it is more degrading to be discriminated against within your own race group. Author Chris Gosden of the article, Race and Racism in archaeology says All human beings make value judgments concerning other people and things all the time and these are based on physical and formal qualities of persons. People judge other people off of the simplest things imaginable. It is really irrelevant to do such things to people just because they enjoy being themselves. Gosden also mentions that there are two types of discrimination. There is positive discrimination, which is usually making a good judgment to probably better something or someone. There is goose egg wrong with j udging someone to let them know that they are doing something wrong or giving off the wrong impression to people whom they do not know.People should realize that it is a form of slavery to discriminate against someone of your same race, eyes need to be opened wider, ears need to listen harder, and racial groups need to grow closer. Gosden also states, One pervasive rock about racism is that it is a product of colonial and capitalist dealings over the last few hundred years, so that nothing like it pull rounded in earlier periods of human history. Racism has been taking its toll on the world and certain races for so many years. Needless to say that racism affects a particular race more than any other.African Americans usually get judged harder for the color or colour of our skin if I may. I am an African American myself and I get racist remarks thrown at me here and there just because of my skin color. It is a darn disconcert that things have not gotten better in this particular situation by now. It is actually almost as bad as slavery was back in the day. The reason being is because back in the day slavery was out in the open without any type of sugar coating. instantaneously it is all sneaky and under cover. Most people act to be blind to this type of thing either because theyre ignorant or just in denial to the truth of reality.One thing everybody needs to be sure of, is that almost anything can happen. There is so much departure on in this scandalous world that people just look over. Back to the racism in the same race issue people cant just continue to look over that like it is okay. There is enough struggles African Americans go through, the last thing they need to be doing is discriminating against each other. African Americans struggle with poverty, unemployment, and believe it or not, an unheard voice to the authorities of this place we live in.Not to mention the people that calls themselves Christians and true believers of God. They are usually the main ones who back stab their kind. Author Christopher Sunami also states, In America this has historically been a white-against-black issue, although this has shifted somewhat recently. In some communities, Latinos have replaced blacks at the bottom of the social structure. I feel this is very untrue seeing that the employment rate of Latinos is higher than the African American employment rate. It was and always will be a white against black racial issue.No matter what people say or how many things are proven, I see it every day out of my African American eyes. It is most definitely nothing I am proud of however, I would never turn my own kind away because of his/her difference. It is so ignorant that people are this way, acting just like those other racist groups. The belief of all racism ceasing to exist has been sitting on a wing and a prayer, and I earnestly fear that it will remain the same. Work Cited Sunami, Christopher. (2006) n. page. Print. Gosden, Chris. Race and Racism in Archaeology Introduction. March 2006, n. pag. Print.

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