Saturday, March 16, 2019

Impact of Pulp Magazines on American Culture Essay -- Expository Essay

Impact of Pulp Magazines on American CultureThe story is worth more than the paper it is printed on. discourteous Munseys words symbolized the history of the physical body cartridge holder. Frank Munsey started the pulp time craze with his first magazine, the Argosy, in 1896. The Argosy was a revamping of his childrens magazine, the Golden Argosy, geological fault its focus from children to adults. The Argosy offered large amounts of fiction for a low price, because these stories would be printed on cheap pulpwood scraps, thus gaining the name pulp magazine. The pulp magazine has been a part of American history for well over a hundred years. During the late 1890s, there was a period of high immigration. These immigrants and new(prenominal) working poor had no source of inexpensive literature, and this led to the evolution of the pulp magazine. Pulp magazines held a collection of stories in every issue, serialized so that in the following issue the next chapter of the story wou ld appear. Since the first pulp magazines success, the Argosy, other magazines spawned, such as All-Story and Weird Story, and sinc...

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