Friday, March 15, 2019

The Descent of Dick Diver in Fitzgeralds Tender is the Night Essays

The Descent of Dick plumbers helper in affectionate is the Night Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald chronicles Dick plungers long descent (or dying fall, Letters 310) to fall apart at the hands of women. Diver, the novels protagonist and antagonist, seeks to everywherethrow feminine power. Dick ask to control the women in his life. To him, women want to be dependent they are weak, disjointed souls who deal the guidance only a man can give. In turn, women are parasites who feed on him and ulti young manly destroy his genius. Before Diver becomes involved with woman, he is a Rhodes Scholar and a promising adolescent Psychiatrist. By the end of the novel he is a middle-aged drunk chasing young women. Dick Diver, flaw credible, possesses an excess of charm, which leaves him vulnerable to women who lead him to honorable and emotional bankruptcy. Diver meets Nicole Warren, the rich heiress. Their relationship is almost incestuous. The unsteady young woman figure/wife/patient seeks approval from her father figure/ husband/doctor. The relationship is clearly based on the control Dick Diver has over Nicole. Nicole was already a mess from the sexual abuse she encountered from her father. She was expression for a father figure, someone to take care of her. Her choice of mate was the likely one her doctor. While Diver does seem to love his patient, he nonetheless handles her, always treating her like a patient over whom he has power. During their courtship, the letters he sends her mostly tell her to be a full girl and mind the doctors. (130) He is a doctor who has control over his patient while corresponding with her he knows she will follow his directions and result his commands. After he weds her, he becomes increasingly torn betw... ...e only 2 people in the world I care about. (218-219). Later, Cullis tells Diver of the hap involving Rosemary and Bill Hillis on a train. This image of a third base person ... enterin g into his relation with Rosemary was needed to throw him transfer his balance (88). Now Diver has really lost control of things with Rosemary. He is obsessed with her, as evident in his repeating his imagined flashback to the scene Do you mind if I pull down the curtain? (90). The Diver that necessitate to control, is now controlled by the image of Rosemary with another man his need to control people has been suffocated as Rosemary rules his emotions since Nicole no longer ask him. Works Cited Fitzgerald, F. Scott. Tender Is the Night. New York Simon & Schuster Inc., 1995. The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Ed. Andrew Turnbull. New York Scribners, 1963.

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