Thursday, March 21, 2019

Virtual Learning Environments Essay -- Education, Blackboard

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) atomic number 18 considered to be among the most outstanding, interesting and rapidly developing contemporary computing machine technologies. It is a package of softw atomic number 18 systems initially created in order to give the advantages offered by the Internet, such as Blackboard and WebCT. It provides a resource for exchanging, transforming and managing information, as well as offering motley academic and administrative services, by a group of various tools. These environments are not restricted to e- encyclopaedism or distance skill. It is also being recognized as the most engageful means to support and assist the development of traditional acquisition and to improve classroom activities. Furthermore, VLEs have become among the most significant means to earn and support the philosophy of self-learning in many universities. Consequently, educational institutions and individuals now come across the benefits of using VLEs to reinforce and improve the learning process. Therefore, it is requisite for the learner to archetype the use of this technology as well as the tutor and it is necessary to use this technology in all aspects of the learning process. In this bring I will highlight the purposes of VLEs, then the common tools in VLEs, followed by the advantages and disadvantages for VLEs. Afterward, I will outline the factors that impact in success VLEs and the characteristics of winning online learner.Recently many universities have been using advanced technology in the learning process, as result of the rapidly changing information colloquy technology (ICT). These changes demand that education institutions use a various tools from ICT world. oneness of the substantial tools on ICT is VLEs. Currently VLE... ...ccessful VLE, for example, taking into consideration the effectiveness of online learning strategies. Moreover, technical skills are not enough for the tutor experience. It is mo re authoritative that tutors should develop their pedagogical skills in order to make best use of VLEs. In my point of view, for the success VLEs, the tutor and the learner should play contrasting roles in this issue. They complement each other in succeeding the learning process via VLEs. Therefore, we cannot rely only on the tutor for the success of the learning process.I believe learners in this generation are growing up with technology and becoming more familiar with ICT. Their learning styles and thinking differ. They are adapting to these technologies. So I think learners prefer the learning process that is characterized with various interesting tools such as VLEs.

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