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Choosing MBA Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Choosing MBA Program - Essay patternThe most vital factor considered when choosing an MBA program is the cost of the program. In Canada, the most expensive business establishment programs atomic number 18 offered in Rotman (Toronto), Ivey (Western), Queens, Schulich (York) and Desautels. Their prices range from $50,000 to around $100,000. Also, the cheapest business administration programs range from $5,000 to approximately $10,000. They are offered in institutions such as the University of Quebec, Royal Military College, Sherbrooke, Laval and Memorial (MBA, 2012). The other factors considered when selecting an MBA program include the teaching quality, chum group, competition, international ac realizationation, reputation of the school, curriculum, and bilingualism among other factors (Hecterra Inc., 2012). All these factors are of vital importance before an individual selects his or her Masters in barter Administration program of choice. When one earns a Masters in ancestry Administration degree, they are able provide management skills and business skills. Furthermore, the program shapes ones fancy to do international business. Most school profiles provide convenient reading regarding the programs (Bragg, 2011). In Canada, these programs at certify schools are similar to those in Anglo-Saxon countries. This is because the accreditation standards are not similar in most countries. nigh states have various legal requirements for accreditation. Firstly, the learners cover a full(a) field of programs. Afterwards, in their second socio-economic class they specialize on their curriculum of interest. Most of the business administration programs provide training which goes beyond general business management. Additionally, the programs allow the individual to earn joint degrees (Corbett, 1998). The full- clock time and part-time Masters in Business Administration programs are often seen as the tradition education model. This is mainly because t he students cover a wide range of topics in their first year. Lucky enough, the part-time MBA programs are flexible because, the student can multitask. This asserts that learners are able to work while subsequently pursuing their studies since there programs require less class time (Corbett, 1998). In this case, I have chosen to specialize in the explanation field. The Master of Accountancy is regarded as a graduate professional degree which prepares the learners for public accounting. Furthermore, this field of specialization provides the learner with 150 credit hours as required by most states before taking the Uniform Certified Public restrainer Examination. The program runs for a period of one year which contains over twelve semester credit courses. On the contrary, the accounting field is not liable for preparing the learners to undertake (Certified Public Accountant) CPA examinations. From research, after graduating, one enters into the consulting or the embodied accounting field. Alternatively, the graduates have the capability to pursue Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Certified watchfulness Accountant (CMA) among other certificate programs. For online accredited programs, accounting allows learners to perform duties such as financial planning, information technology operations, reviewing corporate budgets among other operations. The Master of Accounting Program (MAcc) also develops the learner

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