Friday, May 17, 2019

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Themes There are a few themes in the novel, go to the Centre of the Earth. The first theme is achieving champions dream. prof Lidenbrock shows that with determination, one can achieve ones dream. So when he got an opportunity to do so in making thejourney to the oculus of the Earth, he seized it immediately. At the end of this novel, he successfully completed the journey. Second theme is facing challengers with doggedness and courage. Many multiplication during the journey, the travelers faced challengers.For example, Axel wanted to turn back but the Professor and Hans persevered till Hans courageously explored the cave to look for a stream. Third theme is facing difficulties with optimism. Axel lost hope many times and wanted to give up. Fortunately, his uncle was full of optimism throughout the journey. For example, when they went through the chasm of fire, his uncle believed they were on their way back to the surface. He was right. His optimism unploughed them going till they completed thejourney. Moral ValuesIn the novel, Journey to the Centre of the earth, the moral value I devour learned is we should practice co-operation, obedience and loyalty when doing work as a group. Professor Otto Lidenbrock, Axel and Hans undertook the journey to the shopping gist of the earth. They were unsure ofwhat they would see and the dangers they would face. To make sure they were safe, they worked together and looked after each other. Hans saved Axel when he to the highest degree fell into the pit from a tunnel. Hans make the effort to look for water to save them.He made the view for them to sail across the sea. Axel did everything his uncle expected of him. There was co-operation, obedience and loyalty. Synopsis In the novel, Journey to the Centre of the earth, Professor Lidenbrock discovers a coded message in an ancientmanuscript about a way to get into the centre of the Earth through a mountain in Iceland. After decoding the message, Lidenbrock and Axel set of f to Iceland to initiate their journey to the centre of the Earth. They hire an Icelandic guide, Hans Bjelke to help them on their journey.When they enter the volcanic crater, they face some(prenominal) difficulties and see a lot of strange things, including prehistoric life. They build a raft and set sail on the ocean and reach a coastline. They are swept into a large vent option with water and magma and are ejected onto the surface. When they regain consciousness, they find out that they are on the island of Stromboli in Italy. They return dwelling to Germany. In Germany they are treated like heroes and Professor Lidenbrocks achievements are recognized. Axel marries Gretchen, and Hans eventually returns to Iceland.Charaters Professor Otto Lidenbrock Professor Otto Lidenbrock is a middle aged eccentric dedicated scientist. He had an intense scientific curiosity. After reading the runic script, he was decided to make the journey to the centre of the Earth. Once he had decided to do it, he pursued it till it was accomplished. He was concerned for Axel through the journey. When Axel wanted to give up and turn back, hepersevered Axel to take place the journey. At the end of this novel, He succeeded in making the journey and returned to Hamburg a hero.Professor Otto Lidenbrock became a well-known scientist internationally acclaimed. Axel Lidenbrock Axel Lidenbrock was Professor Lidenbrocks young nephew. He had a girlfriend by the name of Gretchen. At times, he was helpful to his uncle. It was him who found the secret to decode the message in the script. Later, he found the message on the back of the paper he was holding. Though he had misgivings about the journey his uncle wanted to embark, his loyalty to him made him go with his uncle.However, he could not endure the hardships ofdiscovery. Many time he wanted to give up and return home. Hans Bjelke Hans Bjelke was an Icelandic guide who was reliable and brave. He was a strong and reliable man, he communicat e few words. He was good at his job as a guide. Being resourceful, he endlessly had the things needed. When they had to climb down the cave, he had the ropes ready for them to do it. Through his help, Axel and his uncle succeeded in completing the journey.

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