Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Warren Buffett and His Proven Strategies for Investing Research Paper

warren striket and His Proven St swangies for Investing - Research Paper ExampleA noted philanthropist, he is contributed some(prenominal) of his capital for notable causes via the Gates foundation. Born to a stemmabroker turned congressman, he was the second of the three children. From a precise young age, he displayed a keen interest in business and m maveny. With his unique ability to reckon numbers at the top of his head, he impressed many. Just when he was six years old, he bought 6 packs of Coca Cola from his grand fathers grocery store and sold it for a nickel out of which he made five per cent profit. Although his age of friends played games such as jacks and hopscotch, warren on the other hand was making money. When he was 11 years old, he put his foot in the world of finance. When he was 11 years old, he bought 3 shares of Cities redevelopment preferred. It costed him and his sister $38 per share. Sometime later, the stock up fell flat at a rate of $27 per share. warren became extremely afraid but he tired to remain calm till the stock rebounded to $40. He rapidly sold it, a mistake that he regretted when the Cities Service shot up to $200. This one was one of the most enlightening experiences of his life and he realized one of the key elements of investing- patience is uprightness (Kennon) At the age of 17, he graduate from high school although he had no such plans of termination to college since he had already made lots of money by going and selling newspapers. Despite exclusively that, his father had other plans for him. He wanted him to attend the Wharton Business School situated at the University of Pennsylvania. In order to please his father, he stayed for some teachers claiming that he knew more than his teachers did. In 1948, when Howard was defeated in the congressional race, Warren came back home and got himself enrolled in the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Apparently, with his dedication and working full time, he graduated in just three years time. Even when it came to graduate studies, he expressed similar resistivity initially. After much conviction, he applied to the Harvard Business School which was rejected on the basis that he was too young and came out to be the worst admission decision in history. After that, Warren applied to capital of South Carolina where he had an encounter with the very eminent investors,Ben Grahamand David Dodd. While in Columbia University, he studied under the guidance of the very legendary Ben Graham who became an inspiration to Warren counter due to his intelligent investment strategies. This person had a major impact on Warren Buffets life. Ben Graham searched for stocks that were dirt cheap and completely free of risks. He also tried to go a job at Grahams company but failed in the beginning. After much ado, he finally got the job and till today, he lavishly praises him for all that he has learnt close stock investment. Graham wrote a book, The intelligent inve stor which Warren also describes as the greatest book written on investment. He also published another book Security Analysis in which he talked about Intrinsic business value which was completely independent of the stock price. After some time, Graham retired and Warren started his own work whose capital was mainly provided by family and friends. The partnership proved to be very successful and Graham averaged an annual rate return of 23% which was by far leading the market rate (Kennon). Warren Buffet is also celebrated in history for being the most successful investor. He has been referred to as the, The Oracle of Omaha for his amazing investment techniques. In September 2007, he

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