Friday, June 14, 2019

DISABILITY & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

DISABILITY & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Essay Example whizz a person fall under the stated description, there are several laws and immunities that protect the fundamental human rights of the person. One of these rights is the right to stay thinking(a) and participate in activities that keeps the person healthy (Antonio, 2005). Indeed one of the ways for a disabled person to keep him or herself is through sporting activities. Luckily, this setting has been made at the world level to such an extent that the world Olympics committee recognizes the involvement of disabled people in Olympic Games through the Paralympics Games. unhappily though, there are repairable challenges that continue to face disabled people in the country as far as access to sports facilities is concerned. This report looks at the funny instance of challenges faced by disabled sports personalities in Islington Borough and these can be solved.Indeed the city is privileged to have a number of sports facilities that are e nviable for the promotion of sports and constitutes a very good account of Islington Borough as a sports destination. Some of these sports facilities include fitness studios, swimming pools, squash centre, climbing walls and physical enhancement training gymnasiums. This not withstanding, there are radical prohibiting factors to the access and progressive use of these facilities by the disabled sports personalities in the Borough. The first of such challenges is the absence of a sell resourced volunteer sector to offer help and assistance to disabled sports men and women. By salutary resourced, reference is being made to volunteers who are well trained, professionally qualified to handle disabled people and who are well motivated to go about their duties. It must be established that people with harm are people who have been identified to needing great deal of support in order to excel in sports (Adams, 2001). In the absence of such basic support, it will be very difficult for th em

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