Saturday, June 8, 2019

Executive Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 16

Executive Summary - Essay ExampleThe graph below shows the increase in misbranded apartments in New York between 1983 and 2013.Despite the opposing views on illegal housing units and its impact to New York, reforms are key to ensure that pot access affordable safe habitable housing, as opposed to expensive and luxurious housing. The DOB issues annually more than 4,440 violations for illegal conversion of basements, cellars, and attics - which are not move for human occupancy due to health and safety risks. These violations can end only by adjusting the The New York City Building or Housing aliment code, Article 5- Occupancy of cellars and basements. Amending the indemnity will guarantee that the priority of the city council to ensure safety for its tenants is achieved. City officials mandated to provide proper and affordable housing are required to consider this proposal to make sure that no city dweller dies or falls sick due to the pathetic unsafe conditions of the illegal ho using units.Suggested opinions to warrant safe housing units include introducing policies on Asthma free housing, issuing of rental permits, yearly remodeling to maintain policies, and provision of adequate finances for building safe units. These measures ensure equality and safety for all the tenants who are inconvenienced by the existing policy regulations. Stakeholders decision to permit these commutes will effect change and eradicate conflict with authoritiesPolitical and financial constraints may delay the achievement of the above suggestions. However, it is necessary to consider these options to increase the sustainability of the reforms. Political goodwill towards this policy will guarantee fairness and equity for the tenants and give room for other amendments of this nature to ensure a comfortable nation.With this effect, institutions have the responsibility to address

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