Monday, June 17, 2019

Jpmorgan income&growth PLC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Jpmorgan income&growth PLC - Essay Example18). Both Income shareholders and Capital shareholders play exemplary role towards enhancing Capital growth and initiating strategies that would ensure the company realizes corroborative outcomes from its massive monetary investments. The company has successfully invested in a relatively diverse portfolio comprising between 50 to 70 percent of all equities of the United dry land as well as a wide range of other assets. In order to accomplish its long-term financial investment goals, JPMorgan Income & Growth enthronisation Trust plc has extended the diversity of its Capital investments to include equities, assets, convertible bonds and bond funds (Dadrian 2006 p. 18). Despite the trading and logistical challenges of the UK stock exchange market, the company has managed to lay away substantial investment, which are not only manifesting in the United Kingdom but alike in other bordering economies. In particular, the company has increased i ts portfolio in direct equities base in the United Kingdom (Dillman 2006, p. 34). This has boosted the realization of the financial and investment goals of the corporation without compromising the individual ideas and preferences of its Income and Capital shareholders. Diversified assets have also been critical to expansion and accomplishment of the financial and investment objectives of the company. ... To attain long term financing, the firm has instigated a comprehensive plan with its primary aim being to identify the trustworthy and reliable sources of finance. Among the vital sources in its priority list are term loans, debenture, bonds, warrant, and lease. call loans are loans from commercial banks and other financial institutions with adopt repayment schedule along with a floating interest rate (Gupta 2005 p. 43). These loans are essential in realizing a major investment in the brass upon acquisition. Commercial banks offer short term as well as long-term loans to prospec tive clients. Since JPMorgan Income & Growth Investment Trust has had plans to meet its internal and external financial needs, term loans are hence inevitable. Acquisition of such loans would depend on the conveniences of the repayment schedule and the interest rates charged on such credit facilities. Bank loans have been instrumental to the major expansion of the companys Capital and Asset base in the past a couple of(prenominal) years (Gupta 2005 p. 43). In effect, the Income shareholders and Capital shareholders have managed to rip huge returns since the acquisition of these credit facilities of various commercial banks. However, repayment has emerged to one of the greatest challenges the company has to allot with owing to the difficulties in the investment market. Thus, the company has initiated schemes with a view to ensure it diversified its long-term monetary ambitions are well spread across the board. Term loans have advantages and disadvantages to the company in equal me asure. The main befit of these short term and long term loans is that they help the organization meet its growing financial

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