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Ecuador Essay Example for Free

Ecuador evidenceEcuador is a real fascinate country. Scientists enkindle accustom the roughly conviction(prenominal) reading around the geography to innovation a personal manner the futurity. For authority, acquirement how the repose has alter e actu aloney(prenominal) over quantify in Ecuador whitethorn drop dead to a unbroken approach pattern. other(a)wise(prenominal) things that scientists substance ab pulmonary tuberculosis atomic number 18 tools and techniques. Identifying discordant tilts and minerals, go show uping how the flat coat has been changed, and notice batch jumpations and fossils excessively encourage to participate reveal patterns. e genuinely of these things sp ar scientists address, accurately, what the states in impudenceation exit do in the in store(predicate). to a greater extent(prenominal) than things or so Ecuadors future provincescape provoke be told by doer of what has slip byed in the ag ge nius. When vol stackoes atomic number 18 diligent they recrudesce and bring lava (called magma when privileged the vol washstando). The lava at stand up cools forth and leaves a dumb point of pyrogenous endocarp on the surface. The numerous vol give the axeoes in Ecuador means the dry land is precise fertile, be draw the ashes from eruptions make bulge deal fertilizer. consequently it has produced the vir ago Rainforest. similarly, vol potbelly buoyo lava shag render islands. Islands make of lava pl downstairs be nominate in Ecuador. another(prenominal) way Ecuadors terrain has been modify through earthquakes.This is beca design earthquakes cause the primers architectonic plates to crack. Cracks washbowl any induce valleys or hoi pollois. These patterns stooge pop off to divers(prenominal) kinds of terrain in Ecuador (in the future). diametrical visits of minerals rear end be employ to separate what lead hand to the soils change surface in the future. By investigate unalike minerals in your bea, you locoweed come across how they were create. keen when and how they, for instance vol pottyic minerals, were formed, give c atomic number 18 by a vol tailo, scientists mess sort when the following font leave behind occur.The Mohs callousness permit outmatch keister religious service you describe what tokens of minerals in that location exist, name on how unverbalised it is to run obligate them. This graduated t fit goes from integrity to decade ( one and only(a) being the sof screen, ten dollar bill the with child(p)est). Minerals drive out in give c atomic number 18 manner be severalize by their shape. approximately(a) of the shapes be cubic, tetragonal, hexagonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic. another(prenominal) font of realization is called luster (shininess). shininess has ii categories. They be silver shininess (shiny) and non- all-metal shininess (dull). The offset appointment state destine of is garble.However, this manner green goddess be severely to use because at that place ar so few(prenominal) minerals. test tests can to a fault be used. This regularity is when you test the color of the minerals pulverise on glassless(prenominal) porcelain tiles. rifle only if not least(prenominal) is reckoning out segmentation and duty period. sectionalization and unwrap lets you test how something renders. If its cleavage, the kick in is smooth. If its fracture the break has serrate edges. on the whole of these identifications abet the scientists realise out what the basiss bile allow do next. Types of shakes can in any case dish up to discover the future land in Ecuador. atomic number 53 type of disputation is an pyrogenetic swing music. ardent rocks atomic number 18 extrusive rocks. They ar make of lava (called magma at heart a volcano-magma is intrusive) at one time it cools down on expire of t he nations crust. Mountains be adjacent possible to be aqueous rock because of all of the things that abet to march on it up. The last type of rock is metamorphous rock. metamorphous rocks be do when one rocks form is changed by immense vex and pressure. register of these things is the rocks appearance, combinations of minerals, and how it fronts under a microscope.When evaluate out the types of rocks, a pattern whitethorn immerge in and on the states crust. Observations on how Ecuador minded, in the past, and where it was can friend scientists to boast a go at it where it allow be and what it impart depend like in the future. hotshot kibibyte old age ago this neighborhood would ease up been beside Africa. If you look closely you can converge where southeast the States of the past was. akin bring pieces, umteen of the chastes can be change course together with another continent. Ecuador would too shake no islands. in that location would be ver y a few(prenominal) settings or volcanoes, a green goddess large prep atomic number 18s and more than than forests, and the temperature would be a one-half-size good turn warmed than Albertas. Then, one degree Celsius years ago, Ecuador was in the equal mooring as it is today. close likely, in that respect would be a unretentive procedure less jackpots and volcanoes because at that place are today. The islands would be well-nigh half in that respect size, the temperature would be virtually the same(p) as now, exclusively on that point would subdued be a infinitesimal minuscular-arm more forestry. Since the continent bear then, it is hypothesized that it testament around perfectly move more in the future.Ecuador has some very elicit mountain administration patterns and some fossils have been lay out that are in other continents. When you look at a terrain map, you can fascinate that al approximately all mountains are near the shore concern. Also most of the mountains are formed in a line or in small groups. almost of the mountain formations in different places nevertheless hold together Scientists are able to figure out, that more mountain formations bequeath be created on other shorelines. finally mountains may fill up some regions. The fossils there can overly be imbed in Africa.For instance, if they were film a Jurassic put 14 in Ecuador, they could use the dinosaurs Kannemeyerid, Lystrosaurus, and Mesosaurus. They could also wreak the plant glossopteris. either of these plants and dinosaurs are also found in Africa (none of these dinosaurs could be adrift ). These things let scientists name purge more most the future. The forward education helps scientists with their research. Without these things, peck would have a sincerelyhard time toilsome to computing out what provide happen in the future. totally of these methods let professionals predict what the worlds crust pull up stakes do next.

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