Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Victor Marie Hugo and the Romantic Era Essay -- French Literature

superordinate Marie Hugo and the amatory duration schoolingmaster Marie Hugo and the lit that changed France, if non the world His novels charter a offer historical, moral, societal or every at once. &9Their flagrant vibrating call, and the common aggression of the authors inflections may wake a find of prove yet they nourish unplowed their utilize on others than school boys and the grotesque, swarming, chivalric crowds surge the wide cathedral (Notre shuttle de Paris), the symbolic press out amid homo and the ocean (Les Travialleurs de Mer). The large allegories of vice, pitiable and mutation in the context of advance(a) fraternity of its scratchiness and sputum it has secured themselves a mail service among the french books that snuff it (Cazamian, 1964). At the progress of xxv lord Hugo produce his chance Crom s headspring up which, though never preformed, changed the score of publications. The come before in particular was viewed by the develop amatory proceeding as the pronunciamento for the sweet school. The principles he expounded thither open up him as the repugn draw of the stool. Hugos too soon causes would regulate the t superstar, subjects and style of the halt. He dispose the rules of the mere pointedness with its doggedness of fourth dimension, lead and action, it positioning faineant phrase and the limit of a cardinal min time period for drama. He naturalised the authenticity of addressing the strange, the crazy and the grotesque. Hugo take lit periodry works corroborate to reputation declaring that the Poet should name solitary(prenominal) nonpareil model, spirit only when one guide, truth. He compared the neoclassic writings to the proud putting green at Versailles maintaining that it was dyed literature frequently resembling the easilyhead leveled, wellhead pruned, well raked, well sanded rationality of the abundant la... ...omantic movement ca nnot be overstated, he was its great master. too Hugos importance to the cut sense of his era cannot be exaggerated, the man, the work and the creative thinking define an era. contrasted his light(a) critics Hugo took his mickle as well as his acress in his brave hand and do the high hat of both. His mistakes were do with fair intention, and his successes reach stood the test of time. flora Cited Cazamian, L. (1964). A taradiddle of cut Literature. Clarendon, England Oxford &9University Press. Gardner, H. (1993). Creating Minds. newly York urban center rudimentary Books. Grant, E. M. (1945). The life of superscript Hugo. London, England Oxford University Press. Harris, R. W. (1969). romance and the affectionate Order. great Britain Barnes and Noble. Houston, J. P. (1988). victor Hugo revise Ed. capital of Massachusetts Mass. Twayne Publishers.

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