Friday, August 9, 2019

E-Commerce Challenges and Solutions Research Paper

E-Commerce Challenges and Solutions - Research Paper Example The author of the essay "E-Commerce Challenges and Solutions" begins with that E-Commerce is the cutting edge for today’s business. It is a modern business style which deals with the needs of organizations and consumers. E-Commerce helps to reduce the costs, develop the quality of goods and raise the speed of delivery. It is related with buying or selling products and information through internet. Nowadays, business institutions want the flexibility for changing business partners, platform and network at their will. Organizations want to form unique business strategy which includes creating a personal electronic communication to customers, suppliers, distributors and competitors for upgrading the effectiveness of their business communication. It will lead the organizations to increase market share, maintain long term viability in today’s business condition. It will help to exchange valuable information to customers constantly. E-Commerce enables business organizations t o exchange valuable information related to business and their offerings among their continuously varying sets of consumers. E-Commerce offers organizations opportunity to perform online business activities as well as utilize it as an integrated marketing with promotional tool in order to increase the sales. E-Commerce provides an option of efficient processing of orders from consumers. E-commerce as a powerful tool has an insurmountable importance and organizations on a worldwide basis have started to recognize its significance as a cutting edge technology. (eCommerceProgram, 2007). Ethical Challenges of E-Commerce There are certain ethical issues regarding internet marketing and E-Commerce, which are described below: Privacy Issue Business organizations using E-Commerce should keep in mind that the customer’s personal information must be safe. This will help to build the trust of the customer in the field of safety and security of e-business and also to maintain the honesty of the organization (Botha, 2004). The ‘power of information technology’ to store as well as retrieve information often has harmful effect on the privacy of consumers. Several companies at times monitor the confidential emails of employees. Every time a person visits ‘World Wide Web’ the personal information about that person may be stored by the use of ‘C ookie’. At times several secret information of government bureaus, credit organizations or private business organizations are misused which can result in invasion of privacy or fraud. Computer Crimes Internet is an easy tool for committing crimes. Any person can commit crime by using the tools of internet. It is a

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