Friday, August 16, 2019

Life Is Beautiful Movie Essay

Toribio Part A All of the qoutations pretty much tells the same message. But for me Rabbi Barry H Block’s qoutation most strongly captures the essense of the film. As i read the qoutation †hope and laughter can bring light into even the darkest corner† affect me,it is because our country is in the list of poorest countries in the world. We need to work everyday under the sun just to buy food for our families. One thing that i am proud of being filipino is you can’t really tell if we have a problem because we are always smiling. One thing that makes every filipino happy is a karaoke machine,there is no family who doesn’t have one. I remember when I was still in the Philippines we sing for forever until we get the 100% score and we even sing until dawn. Thats why were proud of Jessica Sanchez 2nd runner up of American Idol because she get to show other people what filipinos got. Even if people don’t have any food or money in there we have our neighbours who shares what they have,that is love and were still smile and laugh even though deep inside were not. I focused more on the word †laughter† because it is really the best medicine. This response is more on emotional that intelectual because i experienced it before. Part B The three aspects of the film that illustrate the healing effect of story on human life are the direction,the funny scenes and the music. The way Roberto Benigni directed the film he is showing that life is not about laughter only. At first I didn’t expect the film to have a lonely part, in life you don’t know what is going to happen next and what to expect. One funny scene that i love is when Dora is been stung by a wasp and Guido asked her if she is stung in other places. The music of the movie is so calming and everytime I hear it I feel like I’m in a disco or a dance ball in the 90’s.

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