Friday, August 23, 2019

Summarize an approved scholarly article regarding a biblical book Assignment

Summarize an approved scholarly article regarding a biblical book - Assignment Example The next aspect is divine filiation of the monarch. Indeed, both David and Jesus are called a Son of god. Then there is a clear messianic status of the monarch: while David is praised as the Messiah, Jesus is the Messiah. The fourth aspect is centrality of Jerusalem: all major events of both lives take place in Jerusalem. For example, David proclaimed this city as the capital of the new kingdom, while Jesus was crucified in this city. Another aspect is centrality of the Temple. Indeed, the life of David is firmly connected to the erection of the Temple. On the other hand, Jesus preaches to the people from the Temple. The sixth point of comparison is the emergence of the international empire. Thus, David is known as a ruler who was able to conquer different nations and bring them under the power of Jerusalem. The name was done by Jesus, but in terms of spiritual teaching. Finally, the people thought that both David and Jesus would have eternal rule. In other words, they were regarded as leaders until the end of days. The author points out that many times in Luke-Acts, the Evangelist shows that the kingdom of David should be considers in close connection to the earliest book of the Old Testament, namely Genesis. First of all, the Solomonic temple which is the central building in life of David should be seen as microcosm. Indeed, the Scriptures say that the Lord agrees to give strength to the house of David if the latter creates house for God. Furthermore, the Temple was deliberated designed to remind of the Eden which people left in the beginning of times. For example, it was set on a hill with a river flowing next to it. Secondly, there is a strong parallel that is drawn between Adam and David. They both are referred to as second only to God which implies their great importance for the world. Moreover, each of them is granted with the universal dominion over all the things in the world. Thus,

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