Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Admissions Essay - Love Medicine :: Medicine College Admissions Essays

Admissions Essay -  Love Medicine    Love Medicine is a compelling story of love, power, and pride. Its’ collection of characters all tell there own story offering different opinions and views. This variety makes the story very interesting. The reader gets to know each character very personally because of all the different views. Many of the same events are described differently by each character, as expected. But this variance allows the reader to draw his own conclusions and affords the opportunity to know the personality of everyone. The story is quite confusing, however, with the tremendously large and connected families. It seems, to the reader, that everyone is somehow related. This complexity can be extremely confusing and leaves the reader without a solid frame of reference when reading of other characters. The main character of the novel is difficult to identify. It appears to be June, but she is dead and, in fact, does not even come up very frequently in other conversation. One could argue that there ar e multiple main characters. They seem to be LuLu, Lipsha, and possibly Nector. All of theses characters come up very frequently and seem to be the most dynamic characters. LuLu is portrayed trying to gain power in every aspect of her life; at home, politically, and among her peers. And as it turns out, she does attain the level of power she aspires to. Lipsha seems secondary and passive until LuLu raises question of his ancestry. This uncertainty sends Lipsha on a journey to find the truth. And ultimately, he comes upon a satisfactory conclusion. Nector also stands out quite a bit, mostly because he is involved with so many people. Nector's transition occurs when he decides to quit Marie and dedicate himself to LuLu. Although, his plan fails when he finds that he does not have the opportunity. Contrary to what the name implies, the main theme of the story seems to be power; power to women. The men in the story are controlled, manipulated, and at times degraded. The most powerful cha racters in the novel seem to be the elders and the women. They are respected and even feared. This topic is not hidden in any way. Many of the women attest to the fact that they want the men to be subservient to themselves. There is much allegory in the story. For instance, in the beginning, the egg is to symbolize June; hard on the outside, soft and smooth on the inside.

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