Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bullying in USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bullying in USA - Essay Example This percentage amounts to about 5.7 million U.S teens. (National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center). A common misconception about bullying, is that bullies behave and act out to hide feelings of insecurities or self hatred. Studies have found this to be a misconception. In fact, studies have indicated that bullies are quite confident and use violence and physical aggression to achieve their wishes. Most bullies are hot tempered and easily provoked. They tend to prey on smaller, weaker individuals as a means of gaining control over that individual or individuals. (National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center). As far as gender oriented bullying goes, males are more likely to bully both male and female targets while female bullies are more likely to only target other females. Female targets are more likely to endure sexual comments from male bullies and male targets are more likely to suffer physical abuse at the hand of other males who are bullying. Bullies tend to fit a profile of making poor grades, frequent disciplinary actions due to misbehavior, a dislike for school and a propensity for drinking and smoking. The actions of parents may play a major role in whether or not their children engage in bullying behavior. Parental guidance that is extremely lacks or extremely rigid can lead to their teens becoming bullies. Also, lack of emotional support and loving home environments can also lead to teens becoming bullies. Lack of parental supervision or involvement in a child’s life is another factor in whether or not a teen becomes a bully. Parents who are involved in a positive way, in their teen’s life, reduce the chances of having a teen that bullies others. Teens that tend to be insecure, anxious and lacking in social skills are at risk for being bullied. Teens that fit this profile are often the victim of bullies, â€Å"One study found that the most

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