Thursday, September 26, 2019

Diversity Enhancement Programs at the Workplace Research Paper

Diversity Enhancement Programs at the Workplace - Research Paper Example The aim of this work is to look at some of the benefit programs used by organisation to enhance diversity at the workplace. The literature review looks at the evolution diversity and some of the benefit programs used by modern organisations to enhance diversity. This study gathered data through qualitative research method. Questionnaires collect information from staff and management. Qualitative research process will be supported by interpretive analysis approach. The research ascertains roles played by benefit programs in enhancing diversity. Results of this paper are necessary and fundamental to stakeholders in the modern dynamic work environment. Acknowledgement Table of Contents Employee Diversity Benefit Program Questionnaire 23 Introduction According to Rasmussen, 1996, p. 274, diversity is the mosaic of individuals who convey an assortment of settings, methods, perspectives, and ideals as resources to the teams and organisations with which they relate. There are many reasons f or the rise in diversity at the place of work. Among them is the influx of more immigrants, corporate strategic alliances, and search for skills across the globe, employing a diverse labour force because of deliberate action programs, and the growing globalization of businesses. ... Therefore, the management has to assess its benefit programs to maintain its bearing to their employees. As diversity evolves, organisations continue to focus on how they can make it a business case especially on how companies can effectively utilize diversity for competitive advantage. Diversity is getting acknowledgement as a resource capable of adding and contributing to the company’s profits. Diversity is rising almost as rapidly as the number of software sellers at an accounting conference (Talbot-Allen, 1995, p. 3) According to Clarke (1995, p. 13), it is imperative, therefore, for companies and businesses to take measures to encourage and promote diversity in the work setting. Managing diversity is a challenge as well as an opportunity for organisation’s management. It requires organisational amendments that foster a cultural background that appreciates divergences and optimizes the potential of all. A proactive focus to diversity breeds competitive advantage hen ce offering the organisation an opportunity. In an organisation, each segment discovers, describes, and organizes its understanding in distinctive ways (Fine, Johnson, & Ryan, 1990, p.306, 317). HR representatives are leading the culture change by developing a diversity dream to place the platform for successful diversity management. Training and sensitization on diversity should acknowledge that individuals are different and respond in different ways and hence management should endeavor to ease the friction. Diversity pertains learning from others, dignity and esteem for all, and developing workplace settings and procedures that foster learning and absorb the benefit of diverse viewpoints.

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