Friday, October 4, 2019

Analysis of SEEK Limited, Telstra Limited and Ansell Limited Essay

Analysis of SEEK Limited, Telstra Limited and Ansell Limited - Essay Example Another importance why I used the 10 year period data is that if the period is too short, there may be just the data for bull market, for instance from 201-2015. Moreover, a short time period data may result in inadequate information which in turn may result in misinterpretation. Therefore, I used the longer time period to select stock of the three companies to forecast the upcoming rates in order that legitimate forecasts of stocks may be possible. The data used for the chosen three companies: SEEK Limited, Telstra Corporation and Ansell were for the period of 2005-2015 to assess as well as make projections 3. COMPANY EVALUATION 3.1.SEEK Limited: Business Summary   SEEK Limited manages internet/web employment markets inside Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia, China, New Zealand, Malaysia Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and globally. The corporation links employers and job hunters with job openings and equivalent overhauls online and delivers as well as offers holiday education and uni versity courses. Also, it provides online job marketing functions. The corporation was formed during 1997 and its headquarters are in Australia, Melbourne state (Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Nelvana. 3.1.1.Choice of sampling frequency In calculating SEEK Limited’ standard deviation and expected a return, I used monthly sampling size which is the optimal allowance sampling frequency founded considerations of cost, and a single sample every month gathered at about similar moment of the month in 10 sample design.

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