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Olaudah Equiano Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Olaudah Equiano - Essay deterrent exampleHe was the youngest oneness in the family, which also had five brothers and another sister. At the age of eleven, he was kidnapped on with his sister by the slaveholders. From there, he was a sent to the islands of Barbados, located in the West Indies. After that, he was transferred to Virginia (Equiano, 39). He was a bought by a member of the Royal Navy called as Michael Pascal. After help him, he ended up being given to a merchant named as Robert King. After running(a) some years for him, he gained his independence. Equiano settled in London and became a vocal voice against the anti- bondage movement. By the year 1783, he was involved in the transfer of information to a lot of the anti-slavery campaigners. Some of his accounts of the slavery paint a picture of the trials and tribulations faced by the slaves. His book was published in the year 1789 and went finished a large number of editions. It was a sensational event, as it covered a large feature base regarding the slave trade. Equiano has mentioned a number of events regarding the slave trade, with a description of the cruelties being suffered by them. It has been mentioned by him, that the slaves suffered from a host of tortures including the iron muzzle. His work has helped in explaining the atrocities committed by the slave owners. This has been one of the reference points for the history of slavery and the eventual abolition. ANALYSIS thither has been a recent controversy well-nigh the origin of the author. He was one of the most accomplished English speaking writers of the age, coming from an African origin. There has been an emergence of some recent information from sources that the birth records and other details of Olaudah Equianohad discrepancies in them. One of the factors that were spy as a part of the records, are the claims about the baptization at the Saint Margarets Church and the rubber expedition. Some of the documents also rove a doubt on the veracity of the claims about his birth. It is being researched that the beam of birth was not current day Nigeria, but South Carolina. In an event of these factors being true, they cast a reasonable doubt on the genuine nature of the thesis regarding the slave trade. If this has been a geek of the wrong identity being used, it could cast a number of aspersions on the image of Olaudah Equiano. Some of the historic records have suggested the date of birth as 1747 and not the year 1745. Some of the authors have described this deportment to be of a man who is self made (Caretta, 277). This word has a lot of dichotomy in the meaning, with the achievement of success as well as the realization of a childhood dream. This would have a significant impact on the description of the times and the events being expressed. His expression of the events is a reaction to his slatternly need for achieving the due recognition and success. The extrapolation of the events is a way of defining his identity, as perceived by himself. end point In light of the recent discoveries, it can be assumed that Olaudah Equiano may have made an try to reclaim the African identity, rather than having lived one. So, much of the middle passage in the slave ship may not seem

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