Thursday, May 9, 2019

Success of Chick-fil-a and how it relates to management Essay

Success of Chick-fil-a and how it relates to management - Essay Example3). Truett unveiled his entrepreneurial skills at an early age of 8 years by opening and successfully operating a stand of Coca-cola at his familys front yard on 1929 (Cathy 1). Six years later in 1935, Truetts family relocated to Atlantas downtown due to financial strains. He started a motif delivery service to his neighbors, which enhanced his customer service and relations. In 1946 Truett started a s place restaurant called dominate Grill with the support of his br opposite Ben Cathy (Cathy 1). This business adventure led to the opening or a flash Dwarf House in Forest Park, which unfortunately burn down to the ground leading to massive acquittance of profit and property. A hale Christian character and business oriented attitude prompted Truett to rebuild the burnt restaurant and started using a home-made chicken normal for a boneless(prenominal) chicken breast in a sandwich (Cathy 1). This recipe was fr om his mothers kitchen, and Truett called it Chick-fil-A. In 1967, the boneless chicken breast recipe attracted many loyal customers which led to the opening of Chick-fil-A first restaurant in a shopping mall in Atlanta (Cathy par. 3). Truett continued to inspire his employees by offering scholarships for further education and housing for the less fortunate teenage boys. Chick-fil-As customers enjoy the delicious boneless chicken at affordable prices, which has contributed to 1,605 other restaurants in a total of 39 states in America (Cathy par. 4). As the CEO of Chick-fil-A, Truett has displayed his management and leading skills by operating the chain of restaurants for 44 years with an upsurge of sales and charity donations (Cathy 4). Employees and youths in topical anesthetic communities benefit from the scholarships offered by Truett to acquire the best education and skills. Management practices Effective management practices in a company ensure that stakeholders, sh beholders , employees and customers achieve their per countersignal goals. Good management practices are directed towards the following departments in a company human resources, company product, marketing, technology development and process controls. Customer satisfaction is momentous in increasing sales while improvement of employees working conditions, competency and confidence ensures a high up performance output. Interpersonal relations with customers Chick-fil-A chain restaurants are currently under the management of Truett Cathys son called Dan Cathy. Cathy is the president and Chief of Operations (COO) of Chick-fil-A restaurants across the U.S. (Zikza 3). Mr. Cathy has power and authority that allows him to sit behind a desk in a closed office and issue orders, but his charismatic character leads him to abandon his office and pursue to his customers personally (Carter par. 6). He further explains that Dan Cathy shakes his customers hands, serves them the tasty food, clears food tray s and helps in cleaning up after his customers. virtuoso of Cathys foremost and memorable activities in his restaurants is giving kids free ice cream while they are all shouting in joy (Carter par. 8). In the contemporary knowledge-driven markets, many leaders forget the strong customer relationships and services and focus all their time, energy and resources on making profits only. Businesses thrive on demand and

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