Thursday, June 20, 2019


HOW HAS LUSH COSMETICS IN corporalD THE RISING CONCERNS OF THE ENVIRONMENT IN THEIR CORPORATE STRATEGY - Essay ExampleThese current trends and demands in the market economy stems from the recognition of the reality that the economic realm is not separated from the entire mount of the society and that its reality is deeply integrated and interwoven in all facets of the human society economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental aspects.The aims of this authorship are the following first, is to attain a clearer understanding of corporate social responsibility. Second, is to utilise the gained understanding of corporate social responsibility in knowing how the cosmetic industry in UK in customary and Lush throttle in particular are addressing the challenge of corporate social responsibility. And third, to be able to highlight the conditions with which it can be claimed that Lush Limited has responded to the challenge of corporate social responsibility. These aims are to be accomplished via conducting a survey of related literatures.Moreover, the databases Academic Search Premier, Business Search Premier, Google Scholar, and EconLit were searched using a combination of the following key terms corporate social responsibility, sustainability. Cosmetic industry, UK cosmetic industry, Lush Limited, globalisation, the Body Shop, and toiletries. Articles written only in English and publish within the period of 1990 2009 were included in the selection. Likewise, books, relevant websites, editorials, commentaries and case studies were also included. Correspondingly, excluded from the selections are memorandums, monographs, pamphlets and position papers. The reference list of the articles was searched to identify additional relevant publications.Furthermore, the paper is structured such that first, what is found in Chapter I are the introduction, aim of the paper, statement of the problem, the search method, and the structure of the paper. In the second pa rt, which is Chapter II is the survey or review of literature

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