Saturday, June 22, 2019

Integrated Business Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Integrated Business Communication - Essay Exampley a certain level of clarity, efficiency as well as inspirations in order to get a line the compliance of the workers to their responsibilities (Campbell, 2014). This is associated to success. There are several communication issues that most executives always face in their careers. As a future executive, it is indoors my perception that some of the most important issues in communication that will be faced comprise of the issue of technology, listening, socio-cultural barriers or differences as well as attitude management.Moreover, some of the most important issues of communication may focus on authority or hierarchy problems as well as grammatical gender bias (Campbell, 2014). Failure to listen is always very crucial in business communication. This is because it can always derail the success and thereby result to free failures in the organization. This should be avoided in all situations through adopting the most effective ways of c ommunication. Cultural and social differences can also present several challenges in communication within the organization. This is because the employees always come from different ethnic backgrounds (Campbell, 2014). The other important issue is the technology. Most workers may have inadequate knowledge on the operational skills necessary for certain technologies. This may be a big challenge to the future executives. Therefore, in order to resolve all these issues, it is important to me as a future executive to know some of the ways to employ o=in order to effectively approach and solve these issues so as to realize success in the organization.As a future executive, delivering messages to the staff will be paramount. Communicating to the workers will be the most important involvement to me as the executive. However, since the organization will comprise of several departments, hierarchical ranks as well as employees of various social statuses, it will be necessary to ensure that th e message delivered, or the form of communication employed is friendly to all

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