Monday, August 12, 2019

Challenges women face moving up to executive positions Research Paper

Challenges women face moving up to executive positions - Research Paper Example ansparent barrier that [keeps] women from rising above a certain level in organizations† (Sools, van Engen and Baerveldt, 2003) the glass ceiling is often blamed for the phenomenon. The purpose of this study is to explore the careers of Midwestern women who hold prominent positions in their respective industries to understand the progression of their careers and the obstacles they faced during. This study attempts to research and answer two questions: a) What challenges have women faced in the past 30 years? b) What opportunities for women have developed in the past 30 years? This research paper is limited to the information gained by interviewing two Midwestern female executives; the secondary data collected is based around that information. The time-frame allotted for the research also restricted a more extensive study. This research has allowed me to study this topic in great detail. However, it is based on my own understanding of the research materials and is subject to my inexperience. The conclusions drawn are intended to be my opinion and in no way expected to be the final word on this evolving subject matter. Furthermore, the topic is very sensitive and susceptible to bias and there may be unintentional proclivity towards one way of thinking. That said, this paper should be taken in the educational purpose intended and should be used as basis for further research. For the primary research, raw data was collected by way of conducting two interviews. The candidates were selected based on their years of experience, career progression and expertise. Each of these women, belonging to two very different fields, started from the very rudimentary department and progressed through the ranks to reach the level they are at today. I initially got in touch with them via email, sharing my purpose and questions of study and scheduled interview time and location. I preferred meeting them face-to-face for a more thorough interview and to have a better understanding.

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