Monday, September 9, 2019

Literature Critique Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Literature Critique - Assignment Example Keung (2009) takes a look at the state of Corporate Social Responsibility in China in the wake of the various ethical challenges facing the business community in China. The arguments of Keung (2009) are based on the surveys that had been recently done in China in order to explore China’s corporate social responsibility issue. Keung (2009) further articulates a notion of business ethics that embraces a model that is in use in Europe and which is becoming popular in China. This report aims to review Keung (2009) that explores the challenges that have hindered the progression of corporate social responsibility in China’s business community critically by assessing the research questions, the research methodology and design, the limitations of the study in context to literature that is available that addresses this same topic. Keung (2009) fits into the chosen area of research because it explores corporate social responsibility with respect to the Chinese business community. This is in line with the chosen project area that deals with the study of the impact of social responsibility implementation to Chinese manufacturers. The article being critiqued aims to unravel the various challenges that face Corporate Social Responsibility in China and development of business ethics in China. The article begins by looking at the moral doldrums that have affected the business and environment in China. It explores issues such as the environmental crisis in Chian that has been caused by the increased use of cola as a source of energy. Labour right issues and product safety issues are also discussed. Product issues like substandard goods, fake products are critically analysed. The first section ends with a look at the culture of profit and the aftermath that it had in China .Keung goes ahead to review the various corporate activities that have been witnessed in China and the factors that have influenced the development of

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