Sunday, September 8, 2019

Turning around fortunes at Procter & Gamble Essay

Turning around fortunes at Procter & Gamble - Essay Example In P&G company, much attention is paid to the social dimension. The main responsibility of the leaders of the company is to build the working environment to welcome and inspire diversity. P&G company is driven by the idea of creating the favorable surroundings where all the employees would feel comfortable being themselves. The major aspects under focus are the equality in terms of access to information, and the equality on opportunities in terms of learning, developing and growing both – professionally and personally. Numerous training, learning and coaching programs are provided systematically and are aimed at enhancing work/life integration, personal productivity and maintaining of the corporate culture. All the employees are monitored through surveys and culture sensing in order to determine the level of competence and commitment (Wagner & Hollenbeck, 2014). Technological environment:P&G’s Global Medical organization advises and assists management and employees to a ssure a safe, healthy work environment. Global medical delivers preventive health services to all employees, at all sites. It manages health issues that may affect employees, technologies, and brands (Wagner & Hollenbeck, 2014).For all the companies worldwide there are a lot of safety, health, and environmental regulations to be followed. Factories and plants are required to limit their emissions and fulfill all the regulations within a production process, discussed in law, permits and statutes

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