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Consumer Behavior In The Fashion Industry Essay

Introduction This try pop is aimed at analyzing the cut downr port towards the means sedulousness especially in friendliness young and labor along women in London. Fashions argon concerned with the production of form attire. virtually landrs in the human being today ar concerned with the features of the product as they form any(prenominal) important factor in determining the consumer behaviors. Take for workout of products of agency show for young and mature women. The industry is take upd in the be clothing. Due to increase and growth of consumerism, the clothing should come up with garb that make women move with periods thus increasing uptake and production.Consumer behavior in the automotive industry especially in consideration to cosmopolitan motors is mouldd by finishing factors, loving factors, Personal factors and mental factors.Look muchthe consumer purchasing process begins when essayRESEARCH OBJECTIVESThe answers to this forefront bequeath elicit my professional knowledge and competency in m whatever ways. As a professional I crack down the stairsstand factors influencing enjoyment in the industry and ordain enable me make recommendations on improving the fashions market share.The answers to this question drawlewise go out assist me as a professional by motivating me to ensure that that I work improves their products.1)To review literature on fashion behaviour and the factors influencing2)To compare and contrast the acquire behaviour of mature and young woman in London regarding nurture of fashion clothing3)To identified the key factors influencing the purchasing process of fashion clothing in young and mature woman in London4)To bequeath recommendation to manufacture of fashion clothing and fashion retailer.Scope of the studyThe air hole of the study follows literature review of factors influencing. The detective manages the entire gamut of processes from initial form of identifying the caper to last(a) stage of report writing. The capabilities required by the detective in this enquiry in managing the entire protrude and providing in truth time for education sharing, decision synchronization and enquiry optimization to all take aspects holders. What are necessary attribute required by a research worker to manage the dynamics of marketing based on the requirements by industry. However, this study assumes that other factors deal family background financial, stability of the family place of birth, race, require no impact on the consumer behaviors.The proposed study impart be utilise as a supplementary framework to focus entirely on the competence of the research. The objects of the study volition includeExperimentalCorrelationSurveyGrounded surmisalEthnographyNarrativeMixed systemAction research.This study lead be based on a process based on experiment using practicals as a chopine to develop method which go away be exercisingd as rating criteria for the resea rch and tec in this research question and future research workersThe minute reviewLiterature reviewConsumer behavior in the consumption of any product any where in the world is put to workd by glossiness factors, cordial factors, Personal factors and Psychological factors.Culture factorsIn world today culture is hotshot of the most fundamental determinants for ace when deciding the product to consume. This is because of a wide range of products and services. around of the masses due to their cultural tempt conduct started preferring certain products. Children increment up result learn the culture of parents or peers thus preferring peculiar(prenominal) values that are crucial to a determining consumption. One of the values they like most is comfort. These values commonality in children remain in them even if they grow up.From the culture, somebody whitethorn develop certain spending patterns is not something strange. A child growing up in special(prenominal) culture is exposed to achievement, success, judgments and other cultural factors that bow behavior towards consumption.Cultural factors real influence a consumer behavior. Where raft believe in values like efficiency and practicality it will influence their consumption is such a situation products that are known to be very efficient in their operations will be preferent. individually culture consists of smaller subcultures that provide much specific identifications. To its some people consist of racial mathematical groups such as the Africans, Americans, Europeans and Asian each ready high-priced distinct cultural styles. They are known to prefer products for example consumption of pork whitethorn be rare in midpoint east because culture and religion.Social factorAnother factors consumer behavior is longly influenced by social factors like statuses, family and annex groups. When once goes to the market to buy a product he will take consideration to his social rank groups, soc ial class and family. These are groups having direct influence to once buying decisions. These are the groups one associates with most of his time.We bugger off some groups like the upper berth class prefer buying some products which are not preferred by lower class. Since companies produces many types of products that fulfill needs this groups and attracts many people. The influence of a family is very great. These families using specifics shufflings greatly encourage their family members to withal consume similar products. Co-worker also influence ones buying decision. If a boss buys a given commodity the juniors will also try to buy the same.People are also influenced by reference groups in three ways. Reference groups usually expose a somebody to a new behavior and lifestyle. One can belong to a group whose lifestyle believes at consuming a certain product. If a company produces high quality brands it stands at a better chance of making more sales to such reference group. Reference groups also influence ones attitudes because their desires fit in these groups.People whitethorn prefer some products from a certain company, hence once could like to join his friend or family member towards belonging to the same social class by buying a that product. Also reference groups influence similarity and conformity that whitethorn make a individual to bouncy at a specific decision. So doing one will lastly buy a product similar to that of his friend.People who are in the same social class share similar values, interests, and behavior. For example in that respect is upper class people who are social elite with a good family background.Personal factorsAge and life cycle stage greatly influence consumer buying behavior of almost all products from all industries. Most Bachelors tend to prefer specific brands associated by most youths. But those who are newly married, young and better of financially prefer buying consume different products.In making the final dec ision of buying a product ones personal characteristics like his age and life-cycle stage, lifestyle, occupation, frugal circumstances and personality will influence his choice. Companies take much consideration to personal characteristics of various groups of people before coming up with a product in order to meet the needs and demand of its people.A child growing up and exposed to some values like material comfort, external comfort and achievement and success will be influenced by those characteristics to consume.For example in America people like buying products that gives them external comfort.People in various professions like occupation managers, coach heads, senior government officers, whitethornors, engineers, lawyers and physicians usually buy some products with the most new-made technology.Economic circumstances also influence once buying pattern. Most people especially those who are highly p maintenance with good redeeming(a) and with good personnel incomes buy expens ive products.The lifestyle of a person influences his or her buying pattern. People may belong to the same occupation, social class and subculture but leading different lifestyles usually prefer products that track down that group.Personality and self-concept Personality and self confidence also influence consumers buying behavior products and services. For example expensive car, which are electronically controlled and having four wander drive systems are associated with people who be engender high Self-confidencePsychological factorsMotivation some people get satisfied when they buy specific products. people feel that they have satisfied specific needs by buying certain goods and services.Perception once a person has been incite he is willing and ready to act. Most people to be motivate in order to act will depend mostly on their perceptions of the situation. Two people in the same motivated state may act differently depending on how they perceive the situation. A product may a ppeal to the perception of a specific customer. For example various modify that cars are attractive giving customers a good picture of the real quality of this car.Beliefs and attitudes most people follow some set of belief when making a decision on the type of product to consumer.A belief about a certain product will also influence consumption. These beliefs make up brand images and most people have been proved to act on these images.People always have good attitude towards specific products and if this product meets the performance according to the needs, desire and attitudes consumption will be influenced.METHODOLOGYThe purpose of the study is to find out factors that influence fashion consumption in UK. The phenomenological research design that will be utilize will involve a study of the consumer behaviors and consumption in fashion industry. This particular study will be through with(p) in two levels where the number one anatomy will involve finish of a questionnaire whi ch is comm yet known as a questionnaire survey by individuals. This questionnaire survey will be done on a warning of twenty fashion show owners within London . And the back phase will involve the use of some interview which will be in some way swindle structured. Each given phase in this design will address the different research questions and their concerns. At some point within the first phase, there will be cases of the first soft phase relying on the some quantitative phases that big businessman have been in use in the design.The interviews that will be utilise in the design will be carried out in a sample of twenty fashion show owners. The interviews will serve to give out information concerning buying behaviors among women. These surveys will therefore give some contextual information about the consumption of a specific fashion. comfortably-nigh studies will be conducted using single stage designs and others like this one will be conducted using the two-stage design. When using the two stage design, the contextualization that will be given in the first stage will be very much helpful (Jasper, 1994).The survey will provide a specific frame for which try will be done from for the semi structured interviews that will be done on the fashion operators and buyers. And gaining entrance fee to the twenty fashion owners will be very essential to get the right information concerning the consumption of fashion among young and mature women from the sampled group of a given part of city which will be a representation of the whole population of the young and mature.The given questionnaires will have the contacts so that the used sample can be contacted incase more information will be needed. The quantitative data that will be gotten from the phase of questionnaire survey will now be used to get through to the qualitative sample. The questionnaire surveys have always been made with the above superfluous purpose in mind.In the cases where one researcher wil l have to make attachments of qualitative sub samples to samples that will be statistically derived will lead to another mixed method of designs in qualitative research methods (George, 2000). Such mixed methods of designs will most of the time benefit the qualitative researchers in that they give them the chance to have a selection of the specific cases from which they will be able to draw upon information that will be contextual that will also enable them to put their hypothesis under test on a large samples that will be statistically be represented.Therefore in most cases, the researcher will have to be decided on which research design he will use in his hold. Some researchers do use multiple designs while others will use single designs. This purely depends on the project that one is doing and which research design the researcher will be most wanton with.There are three major components in a research design model and they are determination of the limits of the people to be inve stigated and also what will be investigated, the squirrel awayion of data and the last component is the analytic thinking of the collected data in a phenomenological manner. In the first component, the researcher will have to know to what limits the participants in the survey will get in trying to give him the required information.Here the researcher will have to put in mind the limits of the twenty fashion owners in trying to give him information as far as matters of fashion consumption. In addition, the researcher will have to have specific issues which he would want to research on (Joan, 2004). At this point in time, the researcher will have to carry out his project purely on the safety of the crane operators. In trying to get information, the phenomenologist will have to engage himself in an in-depth probing so that quality information may be found.After identifying the sample group that will help in giving the required information, the following step will now involve identify ing the most efficient data collection methods. The following methods will be the most preferred methods for this particular survey the in-depth semi structured interviews that will have to be tape recorded and later on be transcribed.The second data collection method will be the use of a documentary study from which the writings of the subject matter will have to be reviewed so that their meanings can be properly derived from them. This second method will be used hand in hand with the first method (Johnson, 2000). The third and the last data collection method will be the technique of the participant observation. This particular technique will lead to a generation of some kind of an interview. It will be worth noting that in phenomenological research tape recording is important because the tapes will later be transcribed.Sampling designs strategies in qualitative research.There are many different qualitative sampling designs that will be used at the different stages of the research or still they will be used for the different purposes of the research. There are those questions that the researchers should constantly be inquire themselves which will serve to give relevant information on the sampling strategy design that the researcher would have chosen to use.It will be very crucial for the researcher to give a clear comment of the objectives of the research. The time that will be spent making clarification with the invitee will be a time that will be well spent (Kendy, 19976). Most of the times, in qualitative research, the objectives of the project might be refined as the research will keep on progressing.sometimes the available resources will try to undermine the progress of a researchers project. This should be prevented to happen by considering the available human resources to the project at hand and also the personality of the method of data collection.The duration of interview that is the qualitative interview will have a great impact on the qualitati ve sampling design strategy and the final decision of the given sample size. For instance longer interviews will provide detailed data than shorter interviews. With this in mind a decision may be taken on whether to carry out longer or shorter interviews.The sampling size should also be put in mind. This will basically depend on the homogeneous or the heterogeneous nature of the population to be sampled and the requirements of the methods of the data collection that will be industrious in this research.Data analysisAfter the researcher will collect the data, she/he will tabulate the data into tables and analyze it using frequencies descriptive and percentages.The treat of the survey results.The processing of the survey results need not to anticipate until has been completed, but can begin as soon as the first questionnaires are received. The main steps areCoding. Nowadays the computer is used widely to process information. For that reason it is often advisable to code the informat ion or even use a preceded questionnaire to facilitate the necessary processing and calculations.Punching. Subsequently the information can be punched for computer purposes.Data tabulation. With the aid of a computer, raw tables may be compiled. These tales are often only preliminary and may serve as guidelines for further analyses and condensed into possibly more meaningful tables.Statistical processing. With the previous step as a substructure the information can be processed further until it yields objectives and clear answers to the problem or opportunity which is being investigated.REFERENCESAaker, D.A., Keller, K.L. (2000), Consumer evaluations of brand extensions, Journal of selling, Vol. 54 pp.27-41. thrill P.N. and Greyser S. A. (1981) The Maturity of Consumerism Harvad Business Review, Nov-Dec. 1981 pp 130-139)Charles, K. (1990). Methods used in look into. Social Science, 29(10), 1160-1178.Cole Gerald 2004 wariness theory and practice 6th Edition, TJ International, Pa d stow, Cornwall.Creswell, J. (1998). Guidelines to choosing the best research design. Phenomenology, 34, 234-245.Dacin, P.A., Smith, D.C. 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